10 Luxe Accents to Spruce Up Your Home

As we jump head on into spring, it is time for some spring cleaning and re-vamping at home. We have looked up different ways for you to spruce up your home while adding a touch of glamour.  These small changes don’t require a rework of your home, they are easy ways to give your home a new stylish look.

A living space has to be purposeful and yet should be elegant and inviting. Thus, a few simple additions and changes could make a great impact on the overall aesthetic and mood of your home. These suggestions are functional and purposeful and also double as decorative elements.

1. Mirrored Trays

Mirrored trays are a great way to add a hint of luxury to a living space, their versatility as a functional item and a decorative piece makes them a must-have. Mirrored trays can be used on coffee tables on their own or with additional decorative pieces to provide an aesthetic appeal but can also be used for their functionality as vanity trays to house our favourite make-up products and perfumes.

2. Plush Throws

To counteract the steadily increasing temperatures outside, we often crank up the AC’s inside our houses, to battle the draft of the AC’s plush throws can add decorative value while also serving practical needs. Plush throws add luxury and drama to rooms as they provide a variation in the palate of textures of available. They can also be used to add a pop of colour in the room. Another plus point – they are super comfy and great to snuggle with while binge watching Netflix or reading your favourite book.

3. Printed Cushions

With so many different prints and fabrics and prints to choose from, printed cushions are an inexpensive and great way to spruce up a living space. Printed cushions can add a pop of colour if the room is styled with a neutral palate and definitely provide comfort for lounging areas.

4. Scented Candles

Scented Candles have become increasingly popular over the years and are definitely on trend this season. They serve as an excellent decorative element but can also  enhance the mood of an interior space. Engaging the sense of smell with a pleasantly candle can make a room more inviting and relaxing. Karachi Candle Company has many different candles which boast indigenously sourced scents.

5. Chic Lamps

Lighting is one of the key elements of any interior. And so, adding lamps not only illuminates our surrounding, it adds decorative elements in our surrounding. Lamps come in various shapes and sizes with different sorts of lampshades, thus we can made a combination that is well suited to our taste and style.

6. Hints of Gold

The tasteful use of hints of gold in an interior can definitely amp up the level of glamour. Gold can be added in an interior through several ways. One possible example could be changing the frame of your favourite painting or adding gold frames to your favourite family photographs- this is obviously a simpler fix, but if you are looking to really spruce up your interiors you could add a table with gold accents. Gold and glass specifically is on trend this season!

7. Wallpaper

If you’re looking to make larger changes in your home, adding a wallpaper might be the answer! Wallpapers often change the entire character of your room. With so many different types of wallpapers in the market, we have a host of options to choose from. Through the use of a wallpaper we can add colour, dimension and texture a space. The use of a wallpaper in a neutral palette in conjunction with strong decorative pieces would result in a very opulent interior.

Textured Wallpaper

8. Statement Mirrors

Mirrors have been used through the ages to make a space look bigger and brighter. Contemporary mirrors such as the ones show below can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of an interior without breaking the budget. Strategically placed mirrors can be very practical and useful. For the luxe appeal, it is important to find framed mirrors which exude a more polished extravagance.

9. Luxurious Rugs

Flooring can often make or break a room, and luxurious rugs can often enhance and harmonize the look of the entire room. Rugs also provide comfort, warmth and noise reduction.

10. Coffee Table Books

Coffee Table books are a decorative staple. A neat stack of books really adds character to a room and can display a homeowners diverse interests while also being a chic decorative element.



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