10 Reasons why you don’t wanna miss CokeFest

This weekend Coke Fest hits Karachi – spanning three days at the Beach Park in Clifton. So “what is Coke Fest?” we hear you ask – think Karachi Eat meets Coke Studio – all your favourite acts from Coke Studio LIVE plus over a 100 food stalls to enjoy. This is the first time Coke Fest hits Karachi and there are so many reasons to head on over but here are our top ten reasons why you shouldn’t miss Coke Fest.

1. It is the ultimate cheat day: with all the diet rules out the window this weekend is definitely the opportunity to Eat. Drink. Eat. Repeat.


2. Food + Music: a match made in heaven – what’s not to love about a chill day that combines awesome tastes and cool tunes. You have to pace yourself at a food festival with so many delish goodies on offer and while you get your second wind, rock to the beat of some of Pakistan’s best live performers.


3. Loads of variety – you can literally take a foodie world tour sampling Desi, Pan Asian, Turkish/Lebanese, Italian, and more. CokeFest offers Karachi foodies the chance to try loads of different sorts of food and experiment with a variety of tastes.

4. You get to meet the people who make the food you love to eat … the brains behind your favorite artisanal food brands will be at Coke Fest. What more could a foodie ask for?


5. It’s an opportunity for family friendly fun: Karachi can be thin on things to do. Coke Fest is a way to get out of the rut of malls and restaurants. Major bonus? No fights to decide what to eat ??

6. Strings, Ali Sethi, Sahara UK, Azim Azhar, Sahir Ali Bagga etc etc! Need we say more?

7. Live music – Listening to your Coke Studio favorites such as “Ranjish Hi Sahi” and “Tinak Dhin” while being a part of a crowd is an absolutely different feel, a unique thrill – definitely a step up from hearing the songs on TV.


8. New tastes – Coke Fest is a great way to sample some of the new places that have been creating a buzz around town. Coco 9 will be there with their patisserie, as will be restaurants like Piccolo Uccello and delivery places like Graffoodie with their pizza. We can’t wait to try the slushies from Baraf Paani to beat the Karachi heat and we’re definitely looking forward to trying the Lasagne in a bread bowl and the black beast burger at Wrappeite!

9. Curated by “Foodies R Us”,  Coke Fest will be hosting some food festival faves –  The hits from Karachi Eat: 2 Guys 1 Grll and Fry Guys will be featured at the Coke Fest, so it’ll be a chance to try the famous donut burger or fried chicken in a waffle cone if you didn’t get a chance before!

10. CokeFest is the party of the year! Great food, Great Music and all live. Sounds like the ultimate party to us!


Coke Fest will be taking place on the 9th, 10th and 11th of March at Beach Park, Karachi.


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