10 Regrets people share from their Wedding Day!

Even the most sensible of people can  become a ‘Bridezilla’ or a  ‘Groom Kong’ when it comes to their own desi wedding. The stress and expectations of pulling together a wedding can lead to bad blood not only between the couple but also their families. So it’s important to step back a little and take a deep breath, and make a promise to yourself to enjoy one of the most important days of your life.  Easier said then done right?  Well then, let’s lend an ear to experienced couples who wish they’d done things a little differently!

1. Time management! The Baraat was 3 hours late, and that caused so much frustration for me, as I found it so annoying to wait around. Also it causes stress between the families –  I just don’t understand why people can’t respect time.

When the baraat is late and there’s no attention to time-keeping

2. I wish i could have had a smaller more intimate wedding, where I could spend more time with my immediate family rather than wasting time picture posing with people I didn’t care about.

Close family and friends are the only people you really want at your wedding

3. My makeup was all wrong! Although I went to the best make up artist in the city, I didn’t like it!  It was too cakey, and overloaded. You tend to get  conned into believing what others tell you,  and i don’t understand why a  traditional bride is expected to look a certain way. People have different features and skin textures and a certain style does not suit everyone.  I would have preferred something more natural, which would have been a reflection of my personality rather than the expectations of others.

Bad makeup can ruin your day

4. My DJ was so bad! After the entrance song, it was all downhill and he kept on blaring ridiculous Indian music which was nothing but obnoxious. I would advise people to plan out a good music play list and make sure that the DJ sticks to it. Bad music can really ruin the atmosphere of the whole event!

Have your music playlist sorted out from before

5.  I should have taken more interest in a few details, that wouldn’t have left me so dumbfounded on my wedding day.  I’m a laid back sort of person and was not so highly strung about the way I wanted things to be done. BIG MISTAKE! On my wedding day, I was faced with surprises like having the wrong length of sleeves, not having the right shoes and the having a dupatta that was so heavily worked that I couldn’t balance myself.

Make sure you take the time to get proper fittings done – here a Menahel and Mehreen bride at her final fitting

6. My biggest regret was being so micro focused on the day itself, ‘ What is the Photographer doing’,  ‘Traffic Kitna hai’, ‘ Where are the bridesmaid’, I let myself get stressed out by things that I couldn’t change, and that didn’t ultimately impact my wedding too much. If i could do it again, I would just put on my headphones, have some snacks and just chill.

Take a chill pill, no point in stressing over minor details

7. In my wedding, my mother had too much control! As much as I love her and she can’t help it, but it was more about her then me.

It’s my way or the highway

8. Not having a good time at the wedding! I felt we were so caught up in the ‘Rasms’ and other people’s expectations the I never ended up enjoying myself!

Enjoy your day! Its not going to come again

9. Wearing a huge nose ring! It was so uncomfortable and it hurt me so much, I didn’t realise how difficult it would be for me to wear it.

A claasic nose ring can look great on the ramp or in pictures but it may not be very comfortable

10. Not having enough time to spend with each other! I felt my wedding was more about others, and we actually were so tired after the function, that we didn’t even get time to spend with each other.  We were so knackered from the running around, that we just crashed after we came home. You plan for the big day for months and months and the day just flies by without you even realising it.

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