10 Shows For Your Next Binge Watch

During the current heatwave striking Karachi this summer, its most recommended to stay indoors. What better to do that to sit snuggled on couches indulging in a coveted ‘Netflix and Chill’ session. And with the countless hours to pass till Sehri, Ramadhan in Karachi is the best time to catch up on all the shows you’ve been lagging behind on. We at Karachista have compiled a list of our ten favorite shows to watch this summer.

Money Heist

If you’re into action thrillers – this show is must watch! Money Heist is originally a Spanish show called ‘Lacase de Papel’ about a criminal mastermind who plans to execute the biggest heist in the world by robbing the Royal Mint of Spain. This show was absolutely riveting with interesting characters which really make you question the fine line between good and bad in the world. The only drawback is that this show is in spanish – to understand you’ll have to scrutinize the subtitles, but all that effort is definitely worth it! This show is highly recommended.

Alias Grace

Alias Grace is a period drama which is psychological in nature. It is directed from the point of view of a woman who is being interrogated by a psychologist about her involvement in a murder. It is truly a grasping show because the viewer is constantly trying to understand whether she is innocent or not. Although the first episode is a little slow, once the show kickstarts, one is glued to their seat – not even waiting for the 5 seconds before the next episode starts automatically.

13 Reasons Why (Season 2)

Assuming our readers have already binge-watched season one of 13 Reasons Why, we’d like to recommend season 2. After causing vehement controversy and debate, the Netflix original show, ’13 Reasons Why’, exploring the reasons why a high school student in the US is driven to suicide, is back in action with its second season.  Although we’d say the show really picks up after the first 5 episodes of season 2, it’s still definitely binge watch worthy.


Pomp, Show and Glamour, the Netflix original show, Dynasty delves into the lives of Atlanta’s wealthiest families: the Carrington’s and the Colby’s. Infused with family feuds, drama, romance and a lot of parties – this show is an expose of the elite, exploring the opulent lives of the wealthy elite classes while also highlighting the dark and corrupt underbelly of their functioning. This gossip girl-esque show will keep you glued to screen with all the intrigue, scandal and drama in each and every episode.

Abstract – The Art of Design

This documentary show offers and in-depth look into the psyche behind modern design, with each episode based on a specific theme in art e.g. architecture, illustration and photography. This show incorporates the works of the some of the world’s most highly regarded designers and is a great way to inspire innovation and creativity. This show is well suited for all the design geeks out there – but also evokes the appreciation of design in the layman. Definitely a must watch for all!

Wild Wild Country

The second docuseries in our list is ‘Wild Wild Country’ – is about a controversial guru who builds a utopian city in the middle of Oregan city inciting conflict with the locals which eventually leads to the first bioterror act in the United States. The content- seemingly different from the title of the of the series explores the law regarding separation of the church and the state in the US while chronicling the expansion of the Rajneeshi religion via their cult leader Osho a.k.a Bhagwaan Shree Rajneesh. This series lures the audience on basis of the sheer content of the show – the fact that this is a real life account makes the absolute absurdity of the events even more interesting. Just a warning – this is probably not a show to watch with your kids.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Moving on to our favourite comedy shows – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is indisputably one of our favourite shows. If you’re looking for a light-hearted laugh the epic characters: Titus, Kimmy, Lillian and Jacqueline will definitely deliver.  Produced by Tina Fey, this show definitely has her quirky sense of humor – and who doesn’t love the theatrical Titus? We’ve already watched and re-watched all of the 3 seasons and are eagerly awaiting season 4 which will be releasing in Pakistan in the next couple of days.

Brooklyn 99

Another classic Netflix comedy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a must-watch. With short 20 minute episodes, its impossible not to binge on this humorous show. Based on the happenings inside the New York Police Department precinct, the show takes a comical approach on crime-fighting. With the magnanimous Adam Samberg from SNL starring as Detective Jake Peralta the show will definitely leave you laughing at his many jokes and outrageous behavior. Another must watch!

Master of None

This show is loosely based on comedian Ansari’s real-life experiences. Ansari plays the role of Dev, a New York-based actor who is struggling to identify what he really wants, both personally and professionally. The series reveals glimpses of Dev’s younger years, and explores current aspects of his life, including modern etiquette (regarding texting and social media), and being young and single in the city. This show has an emphasis on Dev’s parents played by Ansari’s real-life mother and father. This show with its tongue in cheek humor and its sketches of the ‘typical sub-continental parents’ is very relatable. 

West World


Although this show is an HBO production and is not available on Netflix, we definitely recommend that you go out and buy it and/or stream it online. This truly amazing show combines a period drama based on the wild west, and infuses it with the sci-fi element of artificial intelligence. Dissecting major themes about human nature and the role of technology, we’d say this show is truly encompassing. This show was absolutely mind-blowing and although it isn’t as popular, it definitely reaches the Game of Thrones level. Do watch this – the story and the show alone grasp you into the inevitable binge due to the sheer amazingness of this show.

Happy watching to you all! <3

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