15 things we can’t wait to try at Karachi Eat 2018

Karachi Eat, the huge annual food festival, hits the city this weekend and we’re drooling already!This year Karachi Eat is being held at Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park in Clifton and we’re hoping both the weather and the facilities give stallholders the chance to show us their best – it was heartbreaking when rain stopped play last year!

Some of our Karachi Eat favourites from last year

We’ll be looking for all our favourites at Karachi Eat’s fifth anniversary, especially Chapli Kebab House, and hunting for the best khowsuey, kebabs, burgers, biryani, bun kebab, loaded fries, chaat, waffles, cookies and brownies. But the best part of Karachi Eat is discovering new places and trying a ton of original tastes. Here are some of the things we’re looking forward to trying.

Top picks for Karachi Eat 2018

1. Mac and Cheese Balls from Grill in the City

Mac and Cheese Balls from Grill in the City

Need we say more?! These golden balls of the ultimate comfort food look oh-so-good. Grill in the City will be at Stall 33

2. Idli Sambhar by Khao Dosa

South Indian deliciousness from Khao Dosa

Pillowy soft Idli with a subtle spicy sambhar is a match made in heaven. Khao Doa will be dishing up this traditional South Indian yum-fest at Stall 13

3. Chicken Waffle Cones by Grill in the City and the Fry Guys

Asian-inspired fried chicken in a waffle cone from Grill in the City

We can’t choose between these two tantalising versions of Chicken Waffle Cones – guess we’ll just have to try them both. Grill in the City (Stall 33)  is doing a sesame sprinkled asian version while the Fry Guys (Stall 30) are serving theirs with a spicy Siracha mayo – yummmmm!

Deep fried chicken in a waffle cone with Siracha mayo from the Fry Guys

4. Waffle Burgers by Poffertjes

Waffle Burger anyone?!

What’s a food festival without a truly loopy offering? We can’t even pronounce Poffertjes but we’ll be heading to Stall 96 to sample this juicy treat.. we’ve never tried a Wafger before but we’re game for anything…..and we hear their milkshakes are pretty awesome too!

5. Donut Burger by 2 Guys 1 Grll

Just when you thought things couldn’t get more left field, up pop 2 Guys 1 Grll with their Donut Burger – this we have to try for the sheer novelty value. Now we’ve heard of savoury waffles but savoury donuts? At least we hope they’re savoury…… head to Stall 77 for your own investigations!

We wanna know how this donut burger tastes!

6. Stuffed Naans by Naan Sahab

Naan Sahab is one of our favourites from Karachi Eat last year

One of last year’s super hits, Naan Sahab are back with their delicious stuffed naans! We’ve got golden memories of the chicken cheese naan and the Nutella-stuffed naan – mmmmm! Head over to Stall 8 to indulge ?

7. TacoCat

Gourmet Tacos from TacoCat

Remember Nom Nom Tacos from last year? Well there’s a new Taco stall on the scene this time round and their gourmet Tacos look scrumptious ? – we’ll be heading to Stall 26 to try them out.

8. Skewers

Finger food that you can chow down on the move is always welcome at Karachi Eat and these mini skewers look the business. With both sweet and savoury offerings, Skewers has our attention. Looking forward to trying the pan grilled chicken filled with spinach and cheese served with baby corn ?

9. Bombay Bhel

Bombay Bhel’s chaat is oh-so-good


There’s nothing like good chaat and Bombay Bhel knows their bhelpuri:  crispy, crunchy and hot, combining toasted puffed rice, potatoes and onions, drizzled with a blend of secret, savory-sweet sauces: Tangy Tamarind, Greek Yoghurt, & Chili Cilantro. Stall 83, here we come!

10. Stuffed potatoes by Kuiya

Bite-sized cups of aloo-magic from Kuiya

Another favourite from last year, Kuiya’s mini stuffed potatoes are the business – tiny little parcels packed with flavour. We loved the pizza ones last time and can’t wait to try the new Fatoosh one – we couldn’t find the stall number but rest assured, we’ll be hunting down that delish alu!

11. Deep fried brownie truffles and tres leche French Toast by YUM

Bring me something deep fried and smothered in chocolate!

Amna Tauqeer is the queen of desserts and Yum by Amna has two mouth-watering options this year at Stall 1 – brownie truffle fritters with salted caramel and chocolate sauce and brown butter fried tres leche french toast with a dark caramel sauce and cinnamon crumb…. oh-my!

Tres leche french toast with a cinnamon crumb

12. Candy floss ice cream by Delina Cafe

Insta-magic from Delina cafe

Delina Cafe’s candy floss ice-cream looks set to take the ‘most-instagrammed’ crown from last year’s coffee in a waffle cone. Silky ice-cream with a collar of sprinkle-flecked candy floss, this is one sugar-rush we’ve got to try! Stall 12 is the place to head..

13. Cheesecake on a stick by Wild Fries

Cheesecake on a stick? Food festival heaven !

This dessert by Wild Fries is definitely on our hit list, as are their fries. Cheesecake on a stick? Delicious and portable, it can only be a win-win! Stall 101 for taste 101 ?

14. S’mores samosas by Awesamosas

Sweet samosas a la mode – awesamosas is a must

We’re definitely saving room for some crispy, flavoursome parcels of joy from Awesamosas! Looking forward to their fragrant Dum Qeema samosas and the oh-so-moreish s’mores ones too.

15. Brownie in a Mug by the Brew Factory

We can’t see how they’d actually serve it in a mug but what’s not to love about brownies and icecream?

The Brew Factory will be dishing up warm brownies with icecream – we’re not sure if it’ll be their iconic Brownie in a Mug but they are hashtagging it so here’s hoping! Stall 99 is the place to head.

Some Karachi Eat 2018 Tips

We’ll be updating these as the festival starts but don’t forget to follow us on Instagram (@karachista1) for the latest from Karachi Eat 2018. In the meanwhile, we recommend:

  1. Use Uber or Careem – parking can be a nightmare
  2. Pace yourselves – there are so many yummy things to try
  3. Take a blanket to sit on so that older people can take any chairs that are available
  4. Clean up after yourselves, use the dustbins – no one likes a litter bug
  5. Go in a group – sharing means you can try so much more
  6. Try to avoid peak times – Karachi Eat is very popular and lines get very long
  7. Don’t forget to tag us for a feature on Karachista





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