20 Pakistani Life and Style Instagram Accounts worth following

Pakistan Instagram Accounts

Pakistanis are still dipping their toes into Instagram but there are some awesome Pakistani accounts out there. These are some of the best, in no particular order:

1. @tapujaveri – One of Pakistan’s top photographers, Javeri’s Instagram is gorgeous and witty. A brilliant mix of fashion, artistic images from around Pakistan and candid shots, this is one of the best Pakistani Instagram accounts. Javeri is more than just a photographer – he’s a designer, Radio-Jockey and jeweller. His myriad interests and humour make his Instagram endlessly fascinating – along with the fact that he knows just about everyone in Pakistani Fashion.

Pakistani Instagrammers Igers Pakistan - Tapu Javeri

2. @aabbiidd – There are a lot of photographers on Instagram but Abid Ali’s account stands out for the way he pairs his beautifully composed images with profound quotes from Rumi and others. He has an eye for historic architecture and also posts exceptional portraits of ordinary people. His image composition and editing is extraordinary – this is not someone who relies on basic filters and his pictures demonstrate considerable skill.

Abid Ali - Pakistan Instagram Accounts

3. @zarapeerzada – Many Pakistani models have Instagram accounts but Zara Peerzada’s exuberant personality makes hers one of the most engaging and interesting. Most models just post images from their campaigns/shoots along with the odd selfie. Zara does post her gorgeous shoots but she adds travel pictures, visual gags and pictures that are comments on life in general. Great fun.

Zara Peerzada -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

4. @sundaytimes – designers, faves from Sunday’s people pages, fashion, fashion and more fashion. Just about every fashion mag is on Instagram but Sunday’s unique mix of socialite pics, fashion-insider info and coverage of what’s on makes @sundaytimes the one to follow.

Sunday Times -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

5. @humaimamalick – Humaima Malick has had a stellar rise to fame and may become the first Pakistani actress to make a significant impact in Bollywood. With several upcoming roles across the border, and multiple local films and serials under her belt, Humaima is on the road to super-stardom. Attractive and daring, Humaima is apparently followed by as many trolls as fans. Humaima’s Instagram feed is an appealing mix of selfies and promotional photos – very easy on the eye.

Humaima Malick -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

6. @hassanhsy – Designer Hassan Shehryar Yasin (HSY) has always been larger than life As well as being a talented designer, he’s also one of the best Fashion Show choreographers and is launching a talk show. HSY’s instagram is notable among Pakistani designers for not just being promotional photos for his brand He’s one on the few designers to let the public in on his world, posting pictures from his globetrotting and working life as well as pictures of his outfits.

HSY with Ali Zafar -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

7. @shehlachatoor – Shehla Chatoor is another designer who’s comfortable sharing her life online. She mixes up pictures of her work and clients with glimpses of her own life. Worth following for her styling choices and for her enviable collection on bags and shoes.

Shehla Chatoor -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

8. @secretclosetpk – The definitive source for info about Pakistani fashion designers, secretcloset.pk has rapidly become an institution in the fashion industry. They are the best for exclusive sneak peeks into designer collections and behind-the-scenes pictures. Follow for the most up-to-date news on what’s happening in the fashion world.

Secret Closet -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

9. @pakistanstreetstyle – The best source for Pakistani styling inspiration, posting pictures of real Pakistanis from around the world, both in Eastern and Western wear. Farina Ghauri reposts from a huge selection of bloggers, socialites and fashionistas resulting in the most stylish Instagram feed around.

10. @instareesha – This account by a part-time blogger and full time medical student is full of stunning pictures of hiking in Northern Pakistan. There’s not a single selfie, just beautiful scenery, fresh fruit in orchards and charming rural details. Follow to remind yourself how gorgeous Pakistan is.

Instareesha-  Pakistan Instagram Accounts - Upper Kachura Lake

11. @pistudio3142 – Increasingly popular Wedding photographers Pi Studio showcase their considerable talents. Wedding photography has moved on in recent years – no more stiff stage pictures or awkward shoot poses. The newer generation is all about “telling wedding stories” and capturing informal family moments. Pi Studio’s Instagram is a little dose of happiness with every picture of a smiling bride or besotted couple – but then I’m a sucker for weddings.

Pi Studio - Pakistan Instagram Accounts

12. @natashasalon – Fabulous pictures of brides and fashion shoots. Natasha’s Salon is one of the most Insta-savvy salons around and make sure they post professional, well-lit pictures of their brides and models – which has gained them a huge following. There are whispers of Photoshop but professional pics always look different from phone pics – something other salons would do well to remember.

Natasha's Salon - Pakistan Instagram Accounts

13. @ali_zafar – Ali Zafar needs no introduction. The popular actor/singer is one Pakistan’s few superstars. As far as Instagram goesm he’s got it sorted. His account is the perfect mix of promotional shots, real life pics, candid shots and attractive selfies. What more could you want from any star?

14. @karachichaiwalla – Even if you don’t fall for the “Mooch” in his profile pic, you definitely fall for his highly artistic pictures of Karachi street life. A woman in Afghani-style purdah, a channa-walla, a handful of chillies – the pictures are amazing but the occasional stories behind them are even more so. Plus of course he brings you pictures of chai that are so fresh that you can practically smell the steamy aroma.

Karachi Chaiwalla Pakistan Instagram Accounts
“Yeh dekho meri hassi”

15. @THECAPITALDIARY – What’s hot and happening in Islamabad plus tons of ‘people pictures’.  Don’t expect any politics, this is Isloo totally from the socialite’s point of view. We are talking designer labels and accessory obsession. It would be much better if they included some images about events happening in and around Isloo, rather than so many pictures of socialites, but even so the account is kind of mesmerizing.

16 .@rabia_humayun – Graphic designer Rabia’s account could be that of any modern Pakistani except for the quirkiness and the visual appeal of her images. She can make Instagram clichés like cups of coffee more interesting and has an knack for snapping eye-catching images around town. The almost total absence of selfies is an added bonus.

Rabia Humayun-  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

17. @chefinframe Sadaf is a Pakistani food blogger posting the results of her latest recipes mixed with the odd slogan or two. From cupcakes to brownies to homemade bun-kebab, this homegrown domestic goddess is worth following. She’s also one of the people behind @pakistanifoodbloggers, a very new account that’s started featuring Pakistani food bloggers.

18. @asad_zaidi  You’d never know that Azad Zaidi was the youngest person on this list if it wasn’t for the occasional selfie that he posts. His wonderfully atmospheric images of Karachi range clock shops to buildings in Saddar to plates of kulfi. This is one guy who’s got the hang of using filters properly. The nostalgic beauty of his pictures is all the more remarkable given that he’s still at school.

Asad Zaidi -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

19. @comicsbyarslan Arslan is a comic artist who covers everything from politics to rishtay to social media. Impudent, inventive and downright hilarious, Arslan is one of the funniest of the new breed of social media comics. He’s not quite as active on Instagram as he is on Twitter and Facebook, but still a great way to add some humour to your Home feed.

Comics by Arslan -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

@khi_food_guide A fairly new account but notable for sharing pictures of food from restaurants all over Karachi. There’s a whole genre of Instagram devoted to sharing foodie pictures but @khi_food_guide is one of the only Pakistani Instagrammers to really tickle your tastebuds. Here’s hoping he grows into something as phenomenal as foreign foodies @behindfoodcarts or @bombaybhukkad

And don’t forget to check out

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Karachi designer clothes Exhibition- Karachista  -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts Damas Jewellery launch - Aamina Sheikh - Karachista  -  Pakistan Instagram Accounts

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