3 fabulously funny Instagrammers you need to be following

Instagram is such a great place to find entertainment but ditch the over-filtered wannabe models for some brilliant young women who are bound to bring a smile to your face – Sara Kay Khan shares three Instagrammers she adores – oh and they all happen to be very cool young Muslim women

Eileen from Eslimah

As per a hundred of years of tradition, first thing in the morning people settle into a nice comfy chair and reach for their tea/coffee AND the newspapers. With myself however, there is a somewhat different morning ritual. No doom n gloom of current affairs for me, thank you very much, but rather more noseying about what THESE three young ladies have going on.So, as soon as my eyes open, I rub them vigourously once or twice and then click on Instagram to get my fix of

Eileen @Eslimah
Nayab @noon_memes
And Anum @thespiceofadulting

A far cry from the usual breakfast headlines, they are such rays of sunshine in themselves, and thus a perfect positive start to the day. I treat them rather like a healthy vitamin boost or refreshing tonic. If one of them is suddenly rather quiet on Instagram, I feel something is not quite right with the world. All three have such delightful perspectives on life, they are quirky, full of warmth, yet are insightful and reflective at the same time. Quite a rare but wondrous combination. Plus their posts and stories are marinated in lovely, silly self deprecating humour !!

Eileen, in Qatar has bone tickling stories of Phil the Cricket alongside several other creatures that she meets on her travels. Her Mum ‘Kissy Krissy’ often accompanies her and their adorable dynamics are very Gilmore Girl-esque. In true Mary Poppins fashion, Eileen invents her own soundtrack to every chore or errand she runs. This is a post she made as a “tribute video to her lost luggage” in Lisbon.


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Anum, has created her own unique tagline ‘What is this life?’ which is currently trending. Having just moved to Canada, we get to peek at her teething problems there and compare her old life in Jeddah with this new one. Her escapades with her beloved Tiddu are also especially endearing. In particular, her eagle eye for the sweet, small pleasures of life strike a chord deep within many. Plus she gets bonus points for being a blue blooded PotterHead.


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*Imagine* We are sitting in an auditorium for a workshop (those who followed on stories yesterday know ??). About 18-20 adults and one toddler. One of the girls is sharing an incident where she unintentionally said something inappropriate and got herself in an embarrassing situation. It is a funny story so the adults are laughing. The toddler thinks it must be amusing and worth a laugh so he laughs along. Then the laughter dies. There is a momentary silence and the presenters are about to go back to the presentation when the toddler points to the girl who told the story and says out loud: ‘Naughty naughty!’ The auditorium bursts into laughter again ? Yup, that’s my Bismillah superhero. Naughty naughty.

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And Nayab from Down Under, continually refers to a strange character called Bob , the mystery of whom one just HAS to solve. Her ABC of Ramadan series was particularly heartwarming and enlightening. She has been blessed with the talent of reminding you of your Deen in a light-hearted non preachy preachy manner.Added to that, you will find yourself literally LOLing and guffawing at her razor sharp wit.

NOON_MEMES: Love is physics . . Most people, when they talk about love, talk about chemistry. I’m here to tell you it’s physics. At least for me. And I know what I’m talking about because I aced my college physics exam with a 99 out of 100! No Rishwat, No Ratta! . . Ok maybe the latter…. a little bit ? . . The first time I met husband was at a birthday party of a common friend. For some reason I had decided to bake her birthday cake . This was strange because I had never baked ANYTHING in my life before. Anyway, I figured how hard could it be, Right? . . Turns out VERY HARD! So hard that she couldn’t cut through it, despite her best efforts! ?? . . NoWhereNearHusbndYet volunteered to give it a go. He applied his full force and somewhere in between swearing out loud and bending the knife, our eyes met, the mass of his heart accelerated and our love story got set in motion! Had he any sense, he would have run in the other direction but hey, when Cupid Newton said “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction”, he knew what he was talking about! . . So Love, my friends, is physics! .

In this big bad world of nasties, my advice is don’t miss out on these sparkling souls, start your daily dose immediately!! I say a little prayer for them each time they make me smile and simply want to share the joy??

This post where Anum talks about how to cut down on screentime while being a blogger really resonated with me – Ed – Pic credit: @thespiceofadulting on Instagram

And finally, much like a Rishta Wali Aunty, I feel I must also use this platform to ask each of these three to follow and enjoy each other’s musings. I feel very strongly that they will recognise the kindred spirit that threads them together and that they are tuned to the same general frequency, even though living in different corners ( if the world is round why does it have corners??) of the globe and thank me for it profusely ??


Sara Kay


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