5 Chic D.I.Y Home Storage Ideas

Instead of spending unnecessarily on storage solutions, there’s lots of great D.I.Y home storage ideas to be found on the internet. Houses often tend to collect a plethora of old knick knacks that pile up, collect dust and eventually get thrown away.

Old jars, unused frames, chipped crockery, all such things are seen as adding clutter to our house. But with a little bit of D.I.Y and some creativity, you can now use these items to declutter your space rather than adding to the clutter!

Old household items can be recycled to make for great storage cases and displays for your accessories and grooming products. Old jars can be used to store stationary, brushes and even make-up. You can use your old crockery to display rings and earrings on your dressing table and hang necklaces off clothing hooks.

Vases and discarded bottles can be turned into a very efficient way to organise and display your bracelets, while making your space look chic.  Read on to discover to repurpose these items and find some great tutorials on how to manage it on your own.

Use repurporsed  jars used as containers

Old jars can be used as stylish displays for your make-up and brushes. (Source: Sands and Sisal)

With the amount of jams, Nutella, achaar and other such products coming into our homes, there’s inevitably more than a few glass jars left over. These can be decorated and reused as containers for make-up, stationary, brushes, sewing supplies, candy and just about anything you can think of!

This tutorial by Bubby and Bean will show you a great way to decorate old jars, using gold and black spray paint. While the tutorial uses mason jars, they can easily be substituted with old jars and even plastic ones that are easily available in the market.

Be warned, if you’re using plastic jars, avoid decorating them with spray paint as this will come off the plastic very easily! There’s plenty of great tutorials on the internet with many other ways to decorate jars. Remember: Google is your friend!

Use tea cups and dishes to display and store jewellery

repurposed crockery, D.I.Y storage jewellery
Tea cups and dishes add a healthy dash of chic to your dressing table. (Source: Pinterest)

Have you inherited vintage tea cups from your mum but can’t seem to find the rest of the set? Do you own a plethora of little glass dishes and trays decorating lying empty around your home? Well, put them around your room and on your dressing table and use them to store your odds and ends.

Jewellery storage, D.I.Y jewellery storage, repurposed crockery
Shallow dishes can be used to display jewellery and add colour to your space. (Source: Connecticut in Style)

This is a great way to store rings, earrings, bobby pins and all those little knick knacks that get lost so easily while making your dressing space look chic and elegant.

Use hooks to hang and display jewellery

repurposed hooks necklaces, necklaces display, D.I.Y home storage
Pretty hooks are a great way to decorate your walls and sort through your necklaces. (Source: Online Jewelry Class)

Storing necklaces is a tricky business. If you lump them together in drawers and boxes, they’re likely to get all tangled up. You’ll inevitably take a few minutes in untangling and unknotting them, making it impossible to grab one when you’re rushing out the door!

Using towel and clothes hooks is a great way to store your necklaces efficiently and also turn them into a pretty display for your room. Simply attach the hooks to your the walls of your room or bathroom with screws (as you would normally do). Sort through your necklaces and hang them on the hooks and viola! You never have to worry about tangled chains again!

Object, hooks, clothing hooks, D.I.Y necklaces display, D.I.Y home storage
Object has some very pretty hooks that can be used to display necklaces.

You can find hooks at any home decor shop. Object and Habitt carry some very pretty hooks that look pretty while being functional!

Use old bottles and vases to display bangles

With the amount of jewellery us ladies tend to collect, most of our bracelets go unnoticed when tucked away in drawers. If you have old bottles and vases lying around, use them to display bracelets on your dressing table or shelves. This keeps them sorted and ensures that you can always find the best bracelets to go with your outfit!

You can bottles or vases as they are or paint them over in funky colours to add a little bit of your own design. If the shape of the bottle requires it, you might have to glue the end of it on to a flat surface to ensure that bracelets don’t slip off. C.Ds, lids from old jars and plates are ideal in this situation. Check out Craft A Doodle Doo for a great tutorial on converting straight, sleek bottles into bracelet displays.

Use frames to display and store sunglasses

If you have a weakness for sunglasses, use hanging frames to display your collection rather than leaving your glasses to collect dust in the cupboard. Attach string or plastic wire to the back of empty frames and hang your sunglasses off it. You can paint the frame in a funky colour of your choice or leave it as is if that goes better with your decor.

If you’re unsure of how to do this yourself, any framer’s shop will be able to do it for you, just take your frame to them and explain what you need to get done. If you’re in the mood for some D.I.Y, check out this easy-t0-follow tutorial by Pull Teeth.


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