5 great cakes to order in Karachi

Looking to order a cake for a special occasion? Karachi has some fabulous home-based bakers who take orders. Unzila Boghani shares her favourite cakes from Karachi’s home-bakers.

5 awesome cakes for a special occasion

I am not going to blabber about how much I love food, people who know me know it already. My friends actually say I eat too much (which is a fact!) and hence all my recommendations are always taken seriously and of course appreciated. I have a few that I really LIKE and want to recommend as I find them to be consistently good in terms of and quality.

Aunty Munaver’s 3 Milk Cake

These days my MOST favourite is Aunty Munaver’s 3 milk cake (which is actually the Spanish tres leches cake.) It consists of 3 kinds of milk, evaporated, condensed and heavy cream. While some prefer the plain chocolate one, I like it topped with fruit – especially strawberries, but of course that depends on the season. I love her packaging too – it’s ideal if you want to give it as a gift or just keep it at home for guests.

Reema’s Chocolate Gateau Cake

Reema's Chocolate Gateau Cake
Reema’s Chocolate Gateau Cake
Anybody can guess who our next favourite cake will be. That’s right, it’s Reema’s Chocolate Gateau Cake. Doesn’t just the thought of it make you want to order one right away? That oozing chocolate flowing out of the soft sponge. It’s got just the right amount of moistness, even though it has melted chocolate inside. It’s a secret how she manages to not let the sponge become too soggy and honestly I feel that’s an art. The way she decks up that platter is also brilliant. The only drawback is bringing the cake back and forth as its not entirely covered so one bad jerk and whoops! That’s your chocolate flowing right there.

YUM by Amna Tauqeer

Yum by Amna is oh so YUM! Her cakes and dessert buffets are DIVINE. She was recommended to us by someone and boy that was a choice well made. Her chocolate sponge is tried and tested but people have also spoken well of her lemon curd and white chocolate sponge. Another good thing about her cake was that it stayed fresh even days after we got it made. Even though we kept it in the fridge it was still soft and that totally had me! Price point wise I would say it’s a little more than normal but she’s good for bigger events.

Saman Umair’s Hummingbird Cake

Hummingbird Cake Karachi
Saman Umair’s Hummingbird Cake
Another favourite is Saman Umair, who has just started her new venture and her cakes are to die for! Have personally tried the hummingbird cake which is basically banana, pineapple spice cake with crunch details. The presentation she gave was beyond perfect and totally made my occasion. Her Boston cream and pineapple upside down cake, which I haven’t seen any other baker do as yet, were extremely good too. Desi tastebuds might take sometime to adjust but she’s definitely worth a shot. Saman works by word of mouth so you won’t be finding a page for her on Facebook just yet.

Sugar Mistress by Marium Lari

My next favourite is Sugar Mistress by Marium Lari. She makes flavours like chocolate malt, vanilla bean and chocolate orange. The price point is PKR2000 per 2 lbs (minimum) and rest depends on the design. I have been seeing a lot of people go to her for fondant cakes. Also I must add, her French macarons are by far the best I’ve tried here. She’s always up for suggestions and on my request she made me theme based pink macarons with butter cream frosting. The outer shell was fresh and crispy. The frosting in the middle had the right amount of sweet and together they both tasted great. You will be surprised at her consistency and professionalism. She makes them in all flavours and oh my God the colours look beautiful. Perfect for tea parties and theme based events. I had them as my nikkah giveaways and everybody LOVED them.
All of the above are tried and tested. This review is actually making me want to devour each and every one of them right now. There goes my dream of losing any weight at all!
Unzila Boghani
Unzila Boghani
Unzila Boghani is a Karachite with a penchant for fashion, beauty and food. She has recently started to employ her passion for writing.

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  1. Packed with a generous but not overpowering amount of chocolate bits, the cake was scrumptious and everyone who tried it came back for seconds!

  2. Well Homebased bakers are doing good work, but we shouldn’t forget commercial bakeries I like Sacha’s Cakes very much, they have recently started delivery service and online store from where customers can book there favourite cake http://www.sachascakes.com, must try cakes.

  3. Customized cakes from Master Cakes are one of the best in Karachi. From formal to customized cakes, they are also offering cakes in all shapes and sizes. recently relaunched new town branch and is doing great work.


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