5 Reasons To Be Excited About Foodpanda Pakistan Super League!

Nothing gets Pakistanis more excited than the prospect of having delicious food and the idea of watching cricket, especially if it involves everyone’s favorite cricket players. Streets go silent as people come together in their homes and shops to watch the matches and what better way to share the excitement with family and friends than over platters of yummy food?

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foodpanda.pk decided to add to the fun and the Foodpanda Pakistan Super League was born! What is it? A way to get some great discounts on home deliveries from your favourite restaurants and a chance to win merchandise and vouchers. This is one marketing campaign that’s a win-win. Check out these 5 reasons why you should be excited about Foodpanda Pakistan Super League:


1. For the love of the game


Everyone loves to watch cricket but it’s not every day you get a chance to play in an online nationwide league alongside. To get you to immerse in the spirit of the game, FPSL lets you choose between five teams:


Foodpanda Super League FPSL

Foodpanda KING, Foodpanda ZALMY, Foodpanda GLADIATOR, Foodpanda KALANDARS and Foodpanda UTD. In order to bring your A-game to the field, you can express support for your favorite team on Foodpanda’s Facebook page or order in a deal that gets you a score for your team. When the team with the most orders wins, one lucky winner gets to take home awesome giveaways!


2. Winner takes it all


Half the fun in supporting your team comes with wearing the T-shirt. With FPSL, you get a chance to win this exclusive merchandise for free! All you have to do is follow Foodpanda on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and get ready to participate in lots of competitions! You just might receive a brand new set of FPSL branded t-shirts on your doorstep along with exclusive discount vouchers.

Foodpanda Super League FPSL
Foodpanda Super League FPSL


3. Come together, right now.


Sure, sometimes we all wish that our siblings and friends would just leave us alone but not when it’s time to get your favorite team winning! There’s nothing like sitting in front of your TV together, making some noise for your favorite players and living through every moment of a sixer, a run out or even tuk-tuk. FPSL makes sure that there’s always some yummy reason to celebrate.


4. Fab discounts


FPSL features awesome discounts which makes ordering in even more fun. When the excitement of the match is high and you know you’re not going to move till it ends, don’t hold back on the munchies! Browse through Foodpanda’s Facebook page and website to see all the available deals on match days. It doesn’t get better than this!


5. One word: food


Victory and defeat is only part of the game but what makes it all better in the end is food. Fret not if Ahmed Shezad’s performance on the pitch didn’t meet your expectations or if the team you were rooting for didn’t make it, there’s always some chocolate lava cake to sink your teeth into (or possibly drown your sorrows in). So download the Foodpanda app on your phones today and get ready for game, set and match.

Foodpanda Super League FPSL
Your Team Your Deal


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