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5 reasons why we love Samia & Azmay’s new wedge heels collection

Wedges are a summer must – stylish and practical, they give you the lift of heels with way more comfort and stability. Anyone who’s ever tiptoed over a lawn in heels at a formal event knows that heels are impractical on grass. Enter the wedge – a shoe that looks great and which doesn’t sink into soft ground. But practicality is not the only reason to go for a wedge – they can be super stylish, as the new collection by Samia & Azmay Shahzada shows.

Samia & Azmay Shahzada’s new summer wedges collection comes in a range of pretty styles and shows how wedges can be a style statement or the perfect subtle finishing touch to an outfit. Like all of Samia & Azmay’s gorgeous shoes, they are made locally and distinctly chic. Here’s 5 reasons why we love this new collection of wedges.

1.Wedges look super chic with the trendiest silhouettes of the summer

Wedges look great with a wide variety of silhouettes, including boot leg and wide pants, skirts and ankle-hugging shalwars. They look good with long kurtas, gauzy fabrics and fusion styles due to their cosmopolitan feel. Stylish and fun, they lend a laid back glamour to your summer wardrobe.

Wedges look chic with a variety of silhouettes


2.Samia & Azmay Shahzada have some gorgeous statement wedges

This latest collection of wedges has some gorgeous statement wedges. Samia & Azmay have used the wedge heel as a canvas for pretty prints in a way that is original and striking. These peacock wedges look equally good with jeans as they do with a formal outfit. For example, in the outfit above I’ve paired the wedges with a Nida Azwer dupatta in similar tones, using a neutral kurta and pant as a foil to let the wedges take centre stage.

3. They have perfect neutral wedge to set off any outfit

Sometimes you need that perfect neutral wedge to give you height and a chic finish without detracting attention from the rest of your outfit. These clear wedges are just the ticket and will work with even very formal outfits.

Bia Alina aka That Karachi Girl styles neutral wedges by Samia & Azmay Shahzada

4. Wedges give you the height of heels but are way more practical

Whether it’s a tea or a dinner or a day wedding, chances are you’ll find yourself wobbling on grass at a formal event if you pick a conventional stiletto. Wedges on the other hand will allow you to stand and chat without sinking into the grass. As you sail through events, comfortable in your wedges, spare a thought for those in stilettos trying to save their heels from damage by balancing on the balls of their feet!


These wedges are gloriously formal

5. It’s no longer hard to find great wedges in Pakistan

Samia & Azmay Shahzada’s wedge collection opens up a new set of options for Pakistani fashion lovers. From stripey wedges to ones in bold hues, from wedges with an ankle strap to ones with dainty toe straps, there’s a host of designs in their collection. As usual, they have a full range of sizes and can customise the straps for anyone that has unusual sizing. It’s great to have the option of great design and customer service right here in Pakistan.

The new wedges collection launches today and will be in-store and online.



Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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