5 trends that 2018 needs to take away with it

Everyone has a different take on trends. Some jump the bandwagon, instantly, others tend to stick towards more of the traditional stuff. Here are the 5 trends that we wish would disappear with the disappearance of 2018:


What is the point of wearing shades that are so small?  What are you trying to block? The sun? It’s still there. They look so fragile that you get scared even when touching them. They don’t pair well with any outfit, Eastern or Western. However, they do look a teensy bit better when they sit further down your nose and a little bit of the eye is visible – at that point, what’s the point of sunglasses at all? Just, why? Please convince us too, if you’ve convinced yourself.


Pretty much every shoe brand felt like this trend was getting so big and that they needed to design it, from Balenciaga to Fila. Many people pair them with three quarter length dresses. They just aren’t our cup of tea and we can’t wait for them to go.


No, we don’t want to LITERALLY see your foot being squished uncomfortably, by your heels, thank you very much. It’s pointless. If you want to highlight your beautiful feet, wear flip flops or sandals.


Glitter in your makeup. Glitter in your food. Glitter on your clothes. WHY? The overuse of sparkle has just made us sick and tired of the dazzle. Plus, be a responsible citizen of the environment and minimally, use these non-biodegradable flakes of plastic only when an occasion really calls for it.

LOGO LOAFERSWhether they’re the real deal that you bought from Louis Vuitton eons ago on your summer vacay or the standard steal from Zainab Market – THEY MUST GO. Every Pakistani man owns a pair or at least has worn them once. They’ve had their time. Now it’s time for you to go out with the old and in with the new (please donate them).

If any or all of these trends work for you; then you do you, boo.

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