5 Types of People You See At The Cricket Match

As cricket returns to Karachi after a whopping 12 years, an unparalleled cricket fever has been ignited through the city. First the PSL 2018 and then the T20i matches with West Indies have rallied cricket fans in Karachi to the stadium to watch the matches live. Here are the 5 types of people you encounter at the match in the National Stadium.

1. Overly Enthusiastic

From the wig to the face paint to the flag to the jersey to the shades, in every stand we have a few of the over-enthusiasts who believe that their abundance of accessories is directly proportional to how well their team plays.

2. Completely Unenthusiastic

Spotted! Never to miss the match for the sake of FOMO, we have those who care more for looking cute in their Pakistan jerseys and getting the perfect selfie for their social media feeds rather than enjoy the thrill of watching the match. Here’s to all those who care more for the scrumptious food (Pizza Hut and Pepsi are our faves) than the actual match – its okay, we don’t judge!


3. Utterly Serious Cricket Fans

Here’s to all the die hard serious cricket fans who watch the match with grave seriousness while they plot strategy and ruminate over the true beauty of the shots/balling/fielding at play.


4. The Cheerleaders

What comprises the majority of the population at the stands – here’s to all the faithful cheerers that compose the roaring crowd at every match. These are the people who participate in the infamous ‘wave’, hum ‘ooooo’ as the baller approaches the crease and applaud any shot that nears the boundary. It is this faithful lot that makes a watching a live match in situ truly amazing! 

5. The Newbies

The newbie… never been to a match before, very young, very enthusiastic, the newbies are the energy of the crowd – the fans that came out to be a part of something larger than life!

Last but not least; no match in Pakistan is complete without a snippet of chacha jee representing Pakistan with his thematic green kurta, whilst waving his flag, giving all the Pakistani’s a hope for yet another win at the field.

Are you one of these? Share your match stories in the comments below!

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