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7 design details to help your darzi give your outfits a designer twist

Looking for some design inspiration to give your darzi? Look no further – we’ve trawled through shoots and social media to pick out the coolest design details that will give your outfits that element of designer chic.

1. Longer Hemlines

Longer hemlines are definitely on their way back in this season – in fact I could do an entire trends post just on longer hemlines because so many designers are doing them in different ways. From long straight kurtas to anarkalis and Peshwazes, we’ve seen so many different long silhouettes emerging. For more casual outfits, stick to a long straight loose kameeze or a long kurta cut. If you’re getting something more formal stitched, opt for an anarkali or a peshwaz with some dramatic volume though plenty of designers are sticking with long straight looks even for formals.

2. Flowing puffed sleeves with long fitted cuffs

From Zimmermann-inspired sleeves that sparked copycat spats among smaller designers to puff sleeves seen on Priyanka Chopra, this is an international trend that’s easy to add to your outfits and one which gives them an instant cool factor. Experiment with pleated cuffs with buttons or lace trimmed ones – give the trend your own unique twist.


3. The structured puff sleeve

This one is more sleek on the shoulder, with the puffs starting lower down the arm.  Farida Hasan has done one with an interesting V-shaped lace-covered join but plenty of others have done their own versions. Play with organza, lace or chiffon ruffles on the elasticated cuff for additional drama.

4. Dhaka Pajamas

The new longer hemlines go with a variety of lowers including cigarette pants and culottes but I’m loving how dhaka pajamas look with a variety of long silhouettes. The dhaka pajama is essentially a very long, very wide legged pant that elongates the silhouette and looks super chic.

5. The koti/waistcoat neckline

This is one for more formal outfits but one that has been seen recently from a host of designers including Farah Talib Aziz, Elan, Nida Azwer and Sania Maskatiya. It’s the traditional mughal look given by low cut waistcoat worn over a high-necked inner, with the waistcoat or koti framing a U-shaped area on the neckline, which may or may not be embroidered. Some designers have opted for a faux koti, essential a stitched part of the kameez or peshwaz, while others have opted for an actual waistcoat or given than low cut neckline to a longer overshirt. With so many designers doing their versions, this is one look that is sure-shot for summer weddings.


6. Lace-joined sleeves

Once again the focus is all on sleeves, with a lot of designers taking a cut and patch approach to kurta sleeves this season. This isn’t precisely a new concept but this hot trend is a quick way to add some designer cool to your outfits. Choose interesting centre laces in different widths and use them to add stripes of embroidery or textured fabrics to your sleeves.

7. The lace-edged high collar

Yes its summer but the high collar is still having a moment! Use lace for your high collar with a contrasting fabric peeking through or only line half the lace so that the edging trims the collar for an elegant Regency-style flourish.

This Sanam Chaudri outfit has it all: the puff sleeve, the lacy collar and the fitted cuff


Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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