A chic Eid – Fab picks from some of Pakistan’s best designers for a fashionable Eid

So Eid Mubarak folks – hope you all had a wonderful, love-filled Eid. Hope this Eid brings us all health, happiness, Iman and Barakat.  The blog has taken a back seat in Ramadan but I’m hoping to get back up to speed soon. I’d love to see what you all wore for Eid – send me pics and I’ll feature some on Insta, Twitter, Facebook and the blog. Did any of you wear one of my top picks for a fashionable Eid (as featured on Dawn.com)? If you missed the article, here it is:Calling all shoppers: 12 hot picks for a chic Eid

Whatever your style, putting together the perfect Eid look has never been easier. The last few weeks have been crammed with exhibitions and Eid collection launches – from designers as diverse as Maheen Karim and Zara Shahjahan. From Eid Lawn to exquisite hand-crafted formals, there’s something for everyone.

While Ramadan is a great time to check out yearly exhibitions by part-time designers who work from home, it’s also a feast of creativity from all our top labels.

Pretty outfits from  Farah Talib Aziz, Misha Lakhani, Zara Shahjahan, Ayesha Somaya, Ayesha Farook Hashwani and Fahad Hussayn
Clockwise from the top: Farah Talib Aziz, Misha Lakhani, Zara Shahjahan, Ayesha Somaya, Ayesha Farook Hashwani and Fahad Hussayn

Sania Maskatiya and Nida Azwer have Eid outfits in all their in-store ranges – ranging from casuals and lawn all the way up to formals. HSY, Misha Lakhani and a host of others have put their own spin on the perfect Eid jora. Here’s a round up of the best styles this Eid.

Eid Look 1: Pretty, feminine elegance

Eid is all about tradition and nothing works better on Eid than a delicate, feminine jora. Think intricate embroidery, soft colours and luxurious, sheer fabrics.

Collections to check out: Zara Shahjahan, Farah Talib Aziz, Farida Hassan and Nida Azwer. Also Layla Chatoor, Fahad Hussayn and Ayesha Somaya

How to wear it: Discreet diamonds, pearls and flat sandals or kitten heels. Wear your hair half-up in a loose, romantic style. Steer away from super-blingy jewellery and statement heels – unless of course you happen to run with the OTT new-money crowd.

Top picks:

Zara Shahjahan Eid 2014
Zara Shahjahan: Pretty in Pink

1.     This pink confection by Zara Shahjahan ticks all the boxes. Note the pretty lacelike embroidery on the hem, the formal embroidery on the neckline and the exquisite detailing.

Farah Talib Aziz - Eid fashion 2014
Farah Talib Aziz – exquisite detailing

2.     Farah Talib Aziz is famed for her feminine elegance. Her gorgeous seed-pearl embroidery and appealing detailing is unique.

Nida Azwer - Eid fashion 2014
Nida Azwer – fresh yet feminine

3.    Nida Azwer takes Eastern Promise to an entirely new level. Her outfits are elegant and fashion forward.

Eid Look 2: Bohemian Chic

For a more artistic, relaxed Eid look that is still luxurious, channel a bohemian chic vibe. Opt for outfits that are more about silhouette and less traditional, that play with embroidery, cut and colour.
Collections to check out: Shamaeel Ansari, Misha Lakhani, Fahad Hussayn, Mahgul, Ayesha Farook Hashwani.

How to wear it: Soft beachy waves or a messy up-do work well hairwise. Barely there, Bina-Khan style makeup and chunky accessories complete the look. Jaipur-style necklaces or stacked bracelets are a cool addition.

Top Picks:

Shamaeel Ansari - Eid fashion 2014
Shamaeel Ansari

1.     Shamaeel Ansari is the queen of Bohemian Chic. Her draped silhouettes and artistic prints are flattering and versatile.

Fahad Hussayn - Eid fashion 2014
Fahad Hussayn

2.    The peasant blouse and dreamy Fahad Hussayn print skirt add up to an Eid look that is stylish and out-of-the-ordinary.

Mahgul - Eid fashion 2014

3.     Mahgul is a young designer with an original signature. This trendy tunic is assured and striking.

Eid Look 3: Sophisticated & Distinctive

If ultra-feminine ends up looking frou-frou on you, opt for an understated sophisticated look this Eid.

Collections to check out: Misha Lakhani, Layla Chatoor, Sana Safinaz and Sania Maskatiya.

How to wear it: A great blowdry and some serious jewellery. Remember that ‘less is more’ and wear one statement piece rather than looking like an advertisement for a jewellery store. Killer heels and a memorable bag are essential.

Top picks:

Misha Lakhani - Eid fashion 2014
Misha Lakhani

1.    This Misha Lakhani outfit oozes a sophisticated charm. It is elegant, understated and simply gorgeous.

Layla Chatoor - Eid fashion 2014
Layla Chatoor

2.     Layla Chatoor’s collections are a mix of traditional outfits and unusual pieces. This remarkable tunic is both stylish and uncommon.

Sania Maskatiya - Eid fashion 2014
Sania Maskatiya

3.    Sania Maskatiya’s digital prints are a must in any fashionable wardrobe. This deceptively simple tunic and monochrome-pant combo is quietly chic.

Eid Look 4: Exotic glamour

This look is less “Eid-lunch with the family” and more “glitzy evening dinner”. This sensous, cosmopolitan look will carry well into the party season and is perfect with mix-and-match pieces that can be dressed up or down.

Collections to check out: Maheen Karim, Zohra Alam, Ayesha Somaya

How to wear it: This is clearly an after-dark kind of look. Striking makeup, minimalistic accessories and sky-high heels are the way to go.

Top picks:

Maheen Karim - Eid fashion 2014
Maheen Karim

1.    Maheen Karim’s chinoiserie-style jacket is paired with a jumpsuit for a look that is alluring yet sophisticated.

Ayeshas Somaya - Eid fashion 2014
Ayesha Somaya

2.    Ayesha-Somaya’s glam knotted neckline and blingy capris set a sensous mood.

Zohra Alam - Eid fashion 2014
Zohra Alam

3.     Zohra Alam is brilliant at pairing complex digital prints with contemporary silhouettes. This tunic is one that is destined to be worn again and again.

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