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Hi and welcome to Karachista, the ultimate guide to what’s on in Karachi and to fashion, food, lifestyle and entertainment in Karachi, Pakistan.

Whether you live here or are just visiting, check out Karachista for shopping guides and the latest in Pakistani fashion, food and lifestyle.

Our Insider Guides section is full of great articles on everything from antiques to the best desi food in Karachi. If you’re looking for something we haven’t covered, just use the Ask Karachista form in the sidebar to ask us for information.

We publish lists of events and exhibitions in Karachi every Thursday, Movie Listings every Friday and details of art exhibitions every Monday. We have the low-down on the best Pakistani designers and review all of Karachi’s live theatre.

Check out our features section for social comment and articles about news items that interest us – just don’t expect anything too heavy. Living in Karachi can be stressful and Karachista is the perfect antidote – a light-hearted look at living in style in Karachi.

Salima Feerasta Editor in Chief Karachista.com
Salima Feerasta
Editor in Chief



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    I’d only need 20 minutes and what we’d need is for Salima to choose five instagram photos and describe what’s happening in them, then I’d write an introduction to the piece about her role, how she became a fashion blogger and some of the biggest fashion trends in the Middle East. I’d love to give our readers a glimpse into that.

    We could do this over Skype at a time that suits?

    Thanks so much!

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