An Easy Fix for Sensitive Teeth

We loooove icy treats, especially when it’s so hot! Bring on the ice lollies and snow cones and thanda thanda paani…. until a painful twinge from our teeth ruins the fun. Nope it’s not decay from one too many Gola gandas … that wave of pain when something cold hits your teeth is sensitivity and simply ignoring the pain isn’t going to cut it. The corner store being out of your fave lollies or load-shedding melting all the ice in the freezer or your sister stealing the last icecream are all problems that are easy to fix …  but the wave of pain that hits every time you take a bite/sip of something cold is definitely a summer downer. Even though the problem of teeth sensitivity is probably one of the widest ranging dental problem, it often has a very easy fix- as simple as switching up your toothpaste!

Model Alyzeh Gabol taking the Sensodyne Chill Test

Many a times we don’t realize that the uncomfortable sensation while eating or drinking cold things is caused by the incidence of sensitive teeth.  Sensodyne’s ‘Chill Test’ helped us figure it out. While taking a sip of cold water- there was a pinching pain. I generally overlooked the pain and proceeded to indulge myself, but only after taking Sensodyne’s ‘Chill Test’ did I realize that I had sensitive teeth. Sensitivity occurs when the dentin is exposed. Dentin is the layer of tooth right under the enamel, and has tiny tubules that connect to the nerve in the center to the tooth. Any fluid movement within the tubules can stimulate the nerve and is perceived as pain.

When it comes to toothpastes for sensitive teeth, toothpastes like Sensodyne (packed with Flouride specially for people with sensitive teeth) are recommended. So now we know, to avoid those excruciating pangs of pain while biting into our favourite ice lolly, we don’t need complex dental procedure, just a simple change of toothpaste can enable us to enjoy all our favourite iced summer treats!

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