Art Exhibitions in Karachi- 9th-15th October 2015

There’s quite a few great art exhibitions in Karachi this month. Chawkandi Art is currently exhibiting the work of Akram Dost Baloch. The exhibition will be showcasing some very interesting work, especially carved wooden trunks and screens. Saad Ahmed’s work is being showcased at Chawkandi Art. His work aims to capture the uneasiness of life’s mysteries. The exhibition will feature charcoal drawings, as well as art created using aquatints and photoetching.

Koel Gallery will be showcasing the work of Iqbal Geoffrey who has attempted to question notions of art itself. In his work he engages with ideas of representation, form and the purpose of art. Numair A. Abbasi is a young artist who has been making waves on the art scene recently. The Sanat Initiative will be exhibiting his work in the coming month. In this collection, he has questioned notions of masculinity and the responsibilities associated with it. Some of these exhibitions will be carrying on till the end of October, so there’s plenty of time to check them out!

Shenakht by Akram Dost Baloch

Chawkandi Art, art exhibitions Karachi, art galleries Karachi


Chawkandi Art is holding a solo exhibition, showcasing the works of Akram Dost Baloch. The exhibition will feature art work, wooden trunks and screens by the artist. In his work, Akram Dost Baloch explores issues of identity and cultural aesthetics. Akram Dost Baloch has made a name for himself by fusing traditional and modern aesthetics in his work.

Where: Chawkandi Art, 105, Marine Point, Kehkashan, Block 9, Clifton

When: till 14th October

Contact: 021-35373582


A Cautionary Tale by Saad Ahmed

Saad Ahmed, ArtChowk, art exhibitions Karachi

Saad Ahmed creates imagery with varied levels of connection to reality. Within that parameter he probes into states of being evident in involuntary and enforced acts in everyday life.

Through his pixilated and half visible images he invokes the uneasiness caused by unresolved questions. The work being featured in this exhibition includes photo-etchings, aquatints and charcoal drawings.

Where: ArtChowk, Suite 102, 1st. Floor, Clifton Centre, Schon Circle, Block 5, Clifton

When: till 20th October

Timings: 5:00 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

Contact: 021-35300482


The Art Writ Versus the Wor(ld) by Iqbal Geoffrey

Koel Gallery, Iqbal Geoffrey, art exhibitions Karachi, art galleries Karachi
Koel Gallery, Iqbal Geoffrey, art exhibitions Karachi, art galleries Karachi

This exhibition is being held in memory of Imran Mir.

Iqbal Geoffrey’s work attempts to uproot established notions of function, value and appearance of art — even questioning Art itself. He also explores all the ideas associated with representation, interpretation and observation. In comparison to his work, the most avant-garde ideas and extraordinary works of art seem outdated.

Making art is not a means to produce an object, it is an excuse to engage with concepts. His work unfolds the most interesting interpretation of simple and ordinary aspects of life. Most of the time, mute visuals and neutral images turn into subversive substance,which challenges the norms of conventional aesthetics.

Where: Koel Gallery, F-42/II, Block 4, Clifton

When: till 21st October

Timings: 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.



[it takes]All Kinds of Kinds

Sanat Initiative, Numair A. Abbasi, Art in Karachi, art exhibitions Karachi

The Sanat Initiative will be exhibiting Numar A. Abbasi’s work in this exhibition. The work being showcased is Abbasi’s attempt at extensively critiquing the politics of the male body as well as the male’s role in our local environ through mundane actions often overlooked.

The random gestures performed by these various strangers create a whimsical arena where the men are self-indulgent, paired with an almost child-like oblivion – where cocooned in their activities, they are unaware – or willingly ignorant – of the engulfing chaos. By doing so, Abbasi not only attempts to dissever masculinity with the trait of responsibility but also bursts the canon around such visuals itself. Men do what they feel like as opposed to doing what is expected.

Where: Sanat Initiative, F-39-1/A, Block IV, Clifton

When: 13th-24th October

Timings: 5:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.

Contact: 0300-8208108




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