Friday, September 22, 2023

Sara Kay Khan


Breaking Barriers-Behind the Veil of Coke Studio With Zara Madani

Listening to Zara Madani’s vocals in 2020’s  Pardesiya, we hear a delicate play of back and forth, like an embodiment of the story of the...

Battling the Odds: Coke Studio 2020

Much like the classic Bollywood hero, the wounded Coke Studio (read on, all will be revealed) staggers into the end of the metaphorical film...

Natasha Noorani steals the show on Velo Sound Station with Baby Baby

So far so good😍😍  (for lack of the ear-hearted emojie) Season 1 of the Velo Sound Studio brought to us by Bilal Maqsood does...

3 fabulously funny Instagrammers you need to be following

Instagram is such a great place to find entertainment but ditch the over-filtered wannabe models for some brilliant young women who are bound to...

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