Ayesha-Somaya: Semi-Annual sale of Luxury Pret and Semi-formal Kurtas by Pakistani Designers Ayesha-Somaya draws a huge crowd

Karachi-based Designer duo Ayesha Somaya are hugely popular because of their creative, wearable clothes

Bridal by Pakistani designers Ayesha Somaya

Ayesha-Somaya’s exhibitions are notorious in Karachi for being something of a scrum. Before they opened their retail store, society ladies would climb over each other to get into their highly-subscribed exhibitions. Since they opened their flagship store in Karachi, fashion lovers have been able to indulge in Ayesha Somaya’s unique Luxury Pret whenever they like.

The sale racks were well stocked with cottons, chiffons and silks
Sale items by Pakistani designers Ayesha Somaya

Sale items by Pakistani designers Ayesha SomayaTwice a year, however, Ayesha Somaya hold a one-day 50%-off sale. It’s an event that has fans queuing up outside the store. When Ayesha Somaya first started out, their exhibitions were famous because the racks would empty in minutes. The same thing happens these days at their bi-annual sale where simply everything is marked down by 50%.

Sale items by Pakistani designers Ayesha Somaya
Mayhem as the doors open at Ayesha Somaya’s bi-annual sale
popular Sale items by Pakistani designers Ayesha Somaya
The sale included everything from daywear to wedding wear
empty sale racks at  Pakistani designers Ayesha Somaya
The racks were empty in minutes

While not in the top tier of “high fashion” as yet, Designer duo Ayesha Somaya are hugely popular because of their creative, wearable clothes. Their appealing aesthetic can be dressed up or down and their versatile range is popular with old and young alike. The clever little details they add to their clothes are unmatched and their pretty, feminine style has plenty of fans.

As well as their semi-formal and Luxury Pret line, Ayesha Somaya have an extensive Bridal range which is only available on-order. The pair are known for combining traditional embroidery techniques with modern cuts. Unlike some diva designers, they are prepared to change colours within reason and are sympathetic to their clients sensibilities. They will change halters to full-sleeves and vice-versa according to the customer’s requirements.

The store before the bargain hunting hordes hit

Given the depth of their designing talent, it seems a shame that Ayesha Somaya have not built on their one fashion week showing. Ayesha explains that they took a conscious decision to consolidate their retail base first.

sale items by Pakistani designers Ayesha Somaya
Some of the sale items

“We have a very strong customer base for our luxury pret and we wanted to build on that and concentrate on our retail outlets first. We stock in several countries and we wanted to streamline our production so that we can consistently deliver to all our outlets while maintaining the high standards our customers expect. We do however intend to show at fashion weeks in the coming year or so.”

Formal by Ayesha Somaya

This is an admirable strategy. We have designers who will put together and show collections that customers never get to see. They don’t have the capacity to produce or market the clothes they show. Ayesha Somaya have chosen to concentrate on getting their production just right but they have also shown they have oodles of design talent. Here’s hoping they take their label to the next level.

Pakistani Designer duo Ayesha Somaya
Designer Duo Ayesha and Somaya
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