Bank Al Falah Rising Talent at FPW Spring Summer 2017

The Bank Al Falah Rising Talent section at FPW SS17 was stronger than it has been in recent years, showing some strength in the mentoring process. We let the four newbie designers present their collections in their own words:

Tooba Chhotani

“Growing up in a household of gifted people, it was inevitable for me to be passionate for art. With a natural inborn talent of fine arts at a very young age, a passionate personality, and an encouraging family, I soon perfected my skills with brushes and paints. Taking my proficient skill wherever I could, whether it be on a tiny canvas or large murals, it wasn’t long before I began merging fine arts with my daily lifestyle.”

“I incorporated my love of fine arts with my chic style of fashion. I want to create art pieces which can be wearable with trendy silhouettes. My passion is to take   abstract art to another level- Fashion that speaks to the audience.”

“My very first collection speaks volumes about my artistic creativity. The silhouettes are all made of canvas and portray floriography-the language of flowers- commonly used in the Victorian era to express feelings and convey messages. I have shown the floriography on my garments through abstract hand painting and each dress expresses positive feelings through the use of different colors and strokes.”

Areej Iqbal

“My thesis of final year was based on Music and how I imagine it in my head. The topic comprised of different elements required while singing. For instance, sheet music, beats and variations, lungs that are used for singing. Colors were also selected accordingly, namely black, off white, skin pink and the color of veins that is teal. I’ve always been a big believer in Minimalism and considering less as more. The end result was very simple and clean cut and it was highly appreciated by the Pakistani designers that saw it.”

“This opportunity by Bank Al Falah for showcasing my work in FPW is out of this world. This is something that I only dreamed of and just the recognition would mean the world to any design student. This platform has helped various young designers reach their goal and make a name of their own in the Pakistani fashion industry. This too will help me reach my goal of bringing a hint of the international standard to Pakistan and change the mindset and think out of the box when it comes to designing clothes. This will definitely be a start to an exciting journey.”


Fatima Abdul Rauf

“The theme of my thesis that is being showcased here revolves around the concept of connectivity and simplicity. The inspiration has been derived from a field, related to understanding life itself, called Sacred Geometry. The basic idea was how a complicated thing can be explained through simpler designs or vice versa. By picking the simplest shape triangle and trying to make it complicated through repetition and overlapping, it has been then used to make minimal yet intriguing designs.”

The silhouettes extracted from this are futuristic and minimalistic. The focus has been kept more on the design rather than the textile. The textile which has been used is 3D and unconventional. I hope you like my collection and encourage me to pursue my dreams and passion for this field with your positive feedback.

Zafar Ahsan Naqvi

“The following collection is based on a development of concept that is derived from the map of Karachi. Since Karachi being my birth place holds a strong part in my identity and something I associate myself with, the city has given me inspiration for the silhouettes of the collection. The concept was explored with the idea of the lines that are visible on the map, the roads of the city, the historical places that are associated with this city and lastly the evident and diverse areas marked in Karachi. The shapes and lines coming from the map and the areas were translated into cuts and silhouettes and different techniques along with fabric treatment, material and color palette put together have brought the collection together representing Karachi.”

The color palette for this particular collection comprises of shades of Brown, Ivory, Black and Ochre, Rust and shades of Green along with highlights of Gold and Silver to lift the garments up helping to reflect my concept of Karachi being known as city of lights.



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