Nothing beats a good night’s sleep and a great sleep needs a great foundation – no one ever enjoyed a good night’s sleep on a lumpy mattress. Luckily Pakistan has some great solutions for top-of-the line mattresses and the Sleeplab at Celeste Home Fashion is one of the best places to head if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep. Better yet they have a magical replacement scheme where you can trade in your old mattress, no matter how old and dusty, for a discount on a new one! Best of all, you can check out their entire collection at and shop online from the comfort of your own home.

The disruption of deep sleep is an under-appreciated factor that is contributing to cognitive decline or memory decline in ageing – and most recently, we’ve discovered, in Alzheimer’s disease as well. There is simply no aspect of your wellness that can retreat at the sign of sleep deprivation and get away unscathed. Sleep is unfortunately, not an optional lifestyle luxury, it’s a nonnegotiable biological necessity. It is your life-support system,” insists Matthew Walker, sleep scientist and  professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Sleep is one of the most crucial mechanisms that our body goes through, making it vital to ensure that you have the comfiest possible mattress for your body – and were so glad Celeste Home Fashion understands this.


The Celeste Sleeplab is a great way to try out different mattresses

Sleeplab provides a luxurious, one-of-a-kind sleep experience that leaves nothing to the imagination (transparency is one of the many reasons why we love Celeste Home Fashion and is the most important when it comes to mattress shopping). In a very relaxing, serene environment, you can try the complete range of premium mattresses and accessories to choose the combination you feel most at home with. Its tricky to shop for mattresses, most places have staff constantly hounding at you to get off the beds, which throws the purpose of identifying comfort out the window. You need a certain time frame to get yourself acquainted to the different types mattresses and decide which one is ideal for you. You can test out the comfort level of the various mattresses, with expert advice on the different types available. The Sleeplab allows you to spend as much time as you require to select the product that is best suited to your needs.

Sleeplab & it’s types 

This special Sleeplab range includes 9 different types of spring mattresses from pocket-friendly basics to the luxury series. Infusing the same standards of quality and excellence that Master stands for, these state-of-the-art mattresses at the Sleeplab have been meticulously created to provide the features best suited to the needs of different individuals. From a coiled spring structure offering firm support to super-soft memory foam made from NASA technology, each mattress of the Sleeplab offers a completely different feeling and support system. Whether you need firm support for a weak back or a super soft sleep experience, SleepLab has it all.

Celeste Home Fashion’s Ramadan Replacement Scheme

We all know Ramadan is about giving back, which is why Celeste Home Fashion have their annual Ramadan Replacement Scheme.

A good nights sleep is extra important during Ramadan particularly because fasting can be physically draining. If you have an old mattress thats seen better days, head on over to any of the 3 Celeste Home Fashion outlets to trade it in and get 20% off on a brand spanking new mattress from the Sleeplab range. And don’t forget you can shop online on their website too! Whether youre wanting to get rid of a 20 year old, dusty, worn-out mattress or are looking to trade in a single mattress and get yourself a king sized new one, Celeste Home Fashions willing to take it in – your old mattress can be any brand, any size, any condition.

If youre unsure about the size of mattress thatll fit your bed, Celeste Home Fashion will have their sales representative over at your doorstep to do the measurements for you, free of cost.  

Not only will you get your choice of mattress delivered right to your home, Celeste Home Fashion will also pick up your old mattress for you so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting a bulky mattress all the way to the store. Delivery charges? None.

N.B. They only deliver to Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad (along with limited surrounding areas).

If you dont have an old mattress to trade in, theyre still offering 10% off on their premium Sleeplab range – a discount you dont want to miss out on!


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