Monday, December 11, 2023

Blogger’s Treasure Hunt at Dolmen Shopping Festival #DSFKHI

Media and bloggers at the treasure hunt
How well do you know Dolmen Mall? Would you be able to locate every store in the Mall faster than someone else? That’s what the Dolmen Mall Management had dozens of media and bloggers thinking at the fun-filled Scavenger Hunt earlier last week!

The Dolmen Mall Management organised a blogger’s meet to kick off the Dolmen Shopping Festival with a bang. The twitteratti of Karachi thronged to Barista Lavazza Cafe to find a treasure hunt in store! The person to check off all nine tasks from the list the fastest got to win an HP tablet.

Media at Lavazza
Explaining the rules of the game
And they head off!

The exciting tasks had bloggers running in all directions trying to find something orange, or something that wasn’t round or square and of course, taking selfies too!

Not round, square or rectangular!
But first…
Turns out, it’s not only the women who know the mall inside out! Congratulations to Umair Mirza for being the first one to complete all the tasks and win an HP tablet! The trending hashtag for the Shopping festival #DSFKHI had posts of the scavenger hunt on all social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Kudos to the management for arranging a fun activity that got people wandering into every nook and cranny of Dolmen Mall!
By Manaal Khalid
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