Thursday, September 21, 2023
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Grandma’s magic potion for flu

With Karachi's weather being as unpredictable as ever (rude?!) , a wave of  seasonal flu hits us, again. There's no way to avoid it...

Caregiving for Cancer

That’s the thing with cancer, you never think it’s gonna hit you or someone you love. But if it does, it’s shattering. More so...

Fabulous exercise classes in Karachi

Great exercise classes in Karachi to help you get fit in 2019

The best yoga moves to help you debloat

Yoga is a no-brainer and bloating needs no introduction. You don't need to be an experienced yogi to exercise these moves on the mat,...

Beating Bed-rest

Going from being able to function fully, physically, to being bed-ridden is a tough concept to grasp. If you’re anything like me, the initial...

Sweater Weather Essentials

Winter is rare in Karachi. Here is a run-down of the essential items you need to be equipped with: Sunscreen Yes, you read that right: sunscreen....

An Easy Fix for Sensitive Teeth

We loooove icy treats, especially when it’s so hot! Bring on the ice lollies and snow cones and thanda thanda paani.... until a painful...

Workouts to Beat the Post Ramzan Slump

Despite the fact that we all made resolutions to stay away from the pakoras and the samosas this Ramzan, there were moments to weakness....

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