Celeste Home Fashion’s wedding packages are perfect for Shaadi Season

Winter’s here – although it doesn’t bring drastically cold temperatures to Karachi, it does bring shaadi season with lots of fun and festivity and a host of newly-weds starting their lives together. Your first home as a couple is the first time your styles come together and whether you have a whole house to work with or just a bedroom, choosing the right look is one of the pleasures of planning your dream wedding.

These days, a couple’s new home is less about traditional wooden furniture and more about the vibe of the couple themselves, about the coordination between the bride and the groom and how they can combine their tastes for the perfect look. With the launch of their premium furniture Wedding Packages, Celeste Home Fashion has made luxurious interiors highly accessible in the high-street market. Each package has been given careful thought to; in terms of who it’s geared at, the style, the overall vibe, different aesthetics and most importantly, the price (inflation can be a real pain. Now you’re adulting and heading into married life, it’s important to be aware of your finances). Whether you’re on a strict budget or whether you want to go all out, there’s something for everyone at Celeste Home Fashion.

The Lotus

The Lotus at Rs. 235,000

Minimalism is what 21st century couples are all about. Most people want Tumblr-inspired aesthetics without over-powering the room – staying true to the less-is-more way of thought. With the Lotus Package, Celeste Home Fashion introduces its minimalist Apollo collection with a distinct, retro feel for the couples who aren’t afraid to shy away from traditional, chunkier furniture counterparts of the Apollo collection.  Putting together the basics of the bed with mattress, side tables, dresser and mirror, the Lotus Package is an absolute steal at Rs. 235,000, giving you functionality and flexibility to add all your other desired “fix-ins” and the make the room your own.

The Lily

The Lily at Rs. 255,000

The Lily Package houses the ever-popular popular Oracle bed-set collection, fusing elegance with simplicity. The straight lined bed with mattress, side tables, dresser and mirror form the overall Lily Package, ideal for those who love solidity and no-nonsense modernity. Classically, cut statement pieces really give a no-fuss vibe to the whole room, bringing comfort and functionality, as well as tradition. The Lily package is definitely worth more than the Rs. 255,000 price tag – it won’t make you break the bank but you’ll get more than what you bargained for!

The Rose

The Rose at Rs. 295,000

Shadi season, love-in-the-air and roses go hand in hand. To honour that, Celeste put together their Rose Package, personifying passion and romance in its gorgeous Helios collection. The proverbial sleigh bed gets a glorious makeover with plush tufting in this collection along with upholstered side tables, dresser, mirror and a pleated armchair. Love may be priceless but this is furniture we’re talking about so get ready to dish Rs. 295,000 with the Rose Package. Can you think of a better symbol of love than roses? Only seems befitting that The Rose Package is a wonderful gift. Word of advice, if you’re surprising the bride with this package, splash out on a bouquet of true-red roses to go alongside it: happy wife, happy life? …or so they say…

The Orchid

The Orchid at Rs. 370,000

The orchid symbolises refined luxury and elegance, corresponding to that is the Orchid Package, an ensemble of luxurious furniture pieces from the Parisian-inspired Aphrodite collection. With a larger than life, uniquely curved, spherical bed and mattress forming the centrepiece, the Orchid is an amalgamation of traditional, luxury and Parisian contemporary elegance exhibited with its delicately curved Aphrodite side tables that add a touch of sophistication, a dresser and mirror. All this paired with a rounded ottoman and cushioned armchair to complete this elaborate set. At Rs. 370,000 this Orchid Package is ideal for those who prefer to lounge in the lap of luxury and make a statement with their lifestyle.

Want to customise a package of your own? For the ones who like to personalise and mix-and-match things, Celeste Home Fashion is also offering an exclusive 10% discount on all its furniture pieces for you to mix and match your choice of designs for your very own wedding package! If you like a bed, that doesn’t mean you’ll have to stick with the added sidetables and mirror in the package, have fun, play around with the different designs and pick the combination best-suited to your aesthetic.

As an extra for the couples, each package comes with free gifts of pillows, comforter, jainamaz and a pair of unique digital printed cushions. Along with free delivery and installation, Celeste has not only outdone itself in terms of interior décor and designs, but also customer service.

The first bedroom that newly-weds share together signifies a special bond, a pledge to start a new life together. It should serve as a reflection to the personalities of both, the bride and the groom and the only way to achieve that is through the interior – everything from statement furniture pieces like beds, dressers and mirrors to deciding which painting goes where. Although Celeste offers free interior consultancy, figuring out the small details of what goes where with your significant other is lovely way to learn how to work together as a couple.

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