Changing Perceptions: Alkaram Studio creating waves in the fashion world

Alkaram Studio’s latest collection Infinite Midsummer has created quite an online stir. From PR packages with scented candles and delicious cookies to on-the-ground style booths that engage the consumer, Alkaram Studio is racing ahead to change its audience perception – and truth be told it is working.

From curating a stunning show at Fashion Pakistan Week Spring Summer 2019, the notable fashion brand has been taking its communication to a different level. By targeting women of all ages and backgrounds the Alkaram Woman is marketed to anyone in touch with fashion. Focusing on colors that are in trend, designs that are modern and faces such as Ayeza Khan and Roshanay Afridi, the brand’s efforts to be a go-to brand for modern Pakistani women have been fruitful.

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Sumbul Tabani styling at an Al Karam Studio outlet in Karachi

For their latest collection, Alkaram is producing clutter-breaking content that is standing out in the Pakistan’s fashion sphere. From an energetic and well produced BTS video with Ayeza Khan behind the scenes of the photoshoot, to their latest DVC featuring the stunning Roshanay Afridi playing dress up in 10 different outfits, the look and feel is that of an up-to-date modern young woman, having fun pulling together the right outfits for her very versatile lifestyle.

The brand however, has not only made a splash on their digital platforms, but took this on the ground as well. Enter the Style Booth, an on-ground styling activity that allowed real customers to shop the outfits they want and get style consultations in-store. By working with stylists and influencers such as Mehek Saeed and Sumbul Tabani, the clothing brand helped customers in store and presented itself as a fashionable, go-to brand for the young, modern Pakistani woman.

“The style booth by Alkaram for their Infinite collection was a fun experience! The collection, although unstitched, with the accessories alongside it would make it easier for customers to visualize the final look! Accessories are always a game changer,” said Lahore based stylist Mehek Saeed.

Mehek Saeed in Lahore

“It is such a new concept in Pakistan, and we had an amazing response from the public. It’s not just buying a dress, but it’s about how you can wear it. You can change it up for events and understand how to create day to night looks from the collection. I feel like more brands should do something like the Alkaram Style Booth more often, because it was great event for me and the consumer,” says Sparkle with Sumbul, the blogger who styled customers in the Karachi stores.

Not only this but for the first time ever, the brand hosted an exclusive Art Exhibit at their outlet in Com3. The artist and curator behind this project, Masuma Halai Khwaja is a former trustee/founder member of the first Karachi Biennale Trust in 2017. The exhibit named Fiber, Form and Other Stories was an explorative journey that navigated personal observations and events experienced by the artists. Ather Hafeez, Creative Director of Alkaram Studio and Uzma Hafeez, Design Manager helped streamlined and finesse the process for the artists. A 4-day workshop led by Masuma Halai Khwaja is how the artists were introduced to different types of art.

The artworks dealt with a variety of subject matter while pushing boundaries of the medium. Some delved into lived experiences while others celebrated the opportunity to explore. The exhibit was celebrated at the outlet in Com3, where media and art enthusiasts were invited.  It was on for a full weekend and was an interesting, fresh and unique take on art in its rawest form.

Pakistan’s iconic brand has clearly been inspired by their glorious past, and is ready to embrace and revamp it for the future of unstitched, ready to wear and couture clothing. Coming up is fashion’s favourite Winter/Festive season and already fashionistas on ground are gearing up for exciting Alkaram Studio content during the winter season.


Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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