Kerastase treatment for great hair
Kerastase is a hair care regime that claims to be different

I’m in danger of becoming a Kerastase junkie. On of the lovely perks of my job is that you get to try all sorts of fabulous treatments and the folks at Kerastase have let me try their rituals not once but twice. I have to say I’m a total convert and am considering buying some of their home care products with my hard-earned cash.

Kerastase treatment for great hair

I first tried Kerastase at Mubashir Khan’s salon and then got to have another try with Laiba Khan, who won a spa date with me right here on

Kerastase treatment for great hair
The high-tech hair wash stations at Mubashir Khan’s salon

Mubashir Khan’s salon is fabulous. Their hairwash stations are among the most comfortable in Karachi, their girls are super well-trained and they had all the latest fashion magazines. I kid you not – the very latest editions of US Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and the like.

Kerastase treatment for great hair
Competition Winner Laiba Khan and I at Nina Lotia’s Salon

Laiba and I went to Nina Lotia, which was just as pristine and indulgent and possibly even better, because they threw in a wonderful back massage. Their Kerastase specialists were equally knowledgeable and well-trained.

Laiba gets a custom Kerastase treatment for great hair
Laiba gets her customised Kerastase consultation

Kerastase claims to be a little different from other hair care products. They have a Bain (French for bath) instead of a shampoo – it lathers less than a shampoo and so doesn’t strip your hair the way a shampoo does.

Kerastase treatment for great hair
More of the Kerastase range

A Kerastase ritual starts with a consultation – they check your scalp and the strength of your hair and then ask you about any hair problems. For my colour-treated hair in Karachi’s humid climate, dryness and frizz are major issues. Laiba has fine hair and was more concerned with hairfall.

Kerastase treatment for great hair
Laiba Khan won a Kerastase ritual at Nina Lotia with a competition right here on

The Kerastase range is huge and they suggested different products for each of us. Here’s what Mubashir Khan used on my hair.

Kerastase treatment for great hair
These were the products used on my colour-treated, dry hair

Both times that I tried it, Kerastase left my hair silky and manageable. The products didn’t weigh down my hair and really helped with both dryness and frizz. I recently switched to some of the L’Oreal Absolute products from their professional range, which definitely has something to do with the improved condition of my hair, but I noticed immediate results after each Kerastase ritual.

Laiba after her Kerastase treatment at Nina Lotia's salon
Laiba after her Kerastase treatment

Laiba was equally impressed though we’ll have to wait and see whether it had any lasting effect on her hair fall. They did recommend several sessions plus a homecare routine – which is quite an investment.

The Kerastase Booster treatment for very dry hair

Kerastase isn’t cheap but it’s not prohibitively expensive either – a ritual is Rs3,000 at Nina Lotia and they have a package of 6 treatments for Rs12,000. Nothing is more annoying than an expensive treatment that doesn’t work but I’m definitely happy with the results on my hair. I totally get why so many people are Kerastase converts. Great hair is priceless.

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