Home Entertainment Cycling is Karachi’s latest lockdown trend

Cycling is Karachi’s latest lockdown trend

Cycling is Karachi’s latest lockdown trend

Cycling is having a moment during lockdown – we’ve spotted photos of celebrities like Ayesha Omar and Sadaf Kanwal on social media.

Sharoz Sabzwari and Sadaf Kanwal spotted cycling in Karachi

And its not just people who haven’t cycled in years are pulling out bikes or calling bike shops to order bikes and taking to the streets to escape cabin fever. You can see people riding around various localities in the early morning and evening – and there’s even some that cycle at night.

A pre-lockdown cycling meet in Karachi

Cycling has been gaining popularity in Karachi over the last few years with a couple of groups that do regular early morning rides including Critical Mass Karachi. The current fad has more to do with emptier streets and the fact that people have nowhere to go. If you do decide to jump on the bandwagon, do remember safety first – a helmet is an essential and if you’re cycling at night don’t forget to wear reflective clothing.





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