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Ditch the thread – Eyebrow Trends for 2019

Eyebrow trends in 2019 look set for a shakeup. The slim eyebrow died years ago but it’s now time to say bye bye to the ultra-defined Huda beauty type brow that has ruled Insta in recent years. The new wave is softer, more unkempt and so much more natural.

If you love fashion, you will been seeing a more natural look on models and in editorial shoots both in Pakistan and Internationally. As recently as five years ago, you would have seen actresses like Sajal Aly and Maya Ali with super slim brows. It’s surprising how uncool that looks now.

Then a much thicker, but still very defined look began to trend – led by online beauty bloggers with knife-edge sharp edges to their perfectly sculpted brows.

Recent editorials and selfies on Instagram point to a softer more natural look – and who better than style guru Tabesh Khoja at Nabila N-Pro to explain the latest eyebrow trends in 2019.

“Eyebrows are much softer now, with a less defined edge. It’s not too thick but it’s bushy, very real. We recommend plucking rather than threading for a less harsh, less clinical look.  The shape is very natural, not made up and should have no severe lines.”

The look you should go for depends on your own features and actual eyebrows. According to Tabesh,

“It depends on your face shape and nose shape. It’s important to get the gap between your eyebrows right and the optimum length for your brows. If your eyebrow is too long, your eye looks a little droopy. If you end it in the right place, your eyes look bigger and brighter.”

He goes on to explain how to mark up your brows for threading, something which Huda Kattan has also demonstrated.

Check out our Insta Story highlights to see how Nabila’s do eyebrow reshaping. I went to Tabesh after growing out my brows for a couple of months. My threading wali ruined them once during this process when I went in for my upper lip, promising to neaten them up but ruining weeks of regrowing. When I went to Nabilas, I knew they needed tidying up but had not idea how to do it. What they did was surprisingly restrained. Using tweezers not thread, they widened the gap between my brows and also shortened the length a tiny amount. Some stragglers low on my eyelids were removed but the overall changes were miniscule.

There are obviously still gaps in my brows, the result of years of threading, but those are easily addressed with brow defining makeup – my go-to is the Anastasia brow defining pencil. Depending on the look you want, you can achieve a made-up look or a more relaxed look.

Just as there are fashions in clothing, there are fashions in makeup and eyebrow shaping. Sticking to the same old thing can make you look dated so it’s important to pay attention to the latest trends. Eyebrow trends for 2019 mean no painful threading and a fresh, youthful natural look – the only one likely to complain is your threading technician!


Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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