Divani Couture 2016 Bridal Collection ‘Bagh-e-Bahar’

DIVA’NI showcased its Couture 2016 Bridal Collection, ‘Bagh-e-Bahar’ at the Haveli Barood Khana in Lahore. The glitterati of Lahore enjoyed the atmospheric ambience as Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali performed live during the catwalk presentation.

The star-studded event had Mahira Khan and Ali Zafar walking as the celebrity show stoppers.

The ‘Bagh-e-Bahar’ collection aims to bring back the timeless Mughal era and the golden period of Royal dynasties, celebrating the sheer majesty and richness of the Sub Continents through their shared heritage and historic legacy. Each piece has been painstakingly handcrafted across 300 days by 1000 artists with more than 10 million stitches.

DIVA’NI is a well known brand in the subcontinent,  brought to India in 2013 by Yash Raj Films. DIVA’NI, the only fashion brand built at the edge of cinema and reality, has a passion for heritage and preserving handcrafted techniques and traditional craft.


Almas Haider

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