Thursday, June 8, 2023

Elan’s Chic New Luxury Pret Collection

Elan’s gorgeous new luxury Pret collection comprises of two elements, a feminine and flirtatious Mon Amour Collection and a colorful printed silk line called the Modern Mughal Collection.

The Mon Amour Collection consists of flowing silhouettes that skim the body. The light translucent fabrics  and the soft pastel colour palette exude grace and poise. Outfits from the the Mon Amour collection are ornamented with delicate beading and light crystal work, perfectly suited for lunches and day events due to their light and airy exuberance. The wraps and belted sheers have a somewhat boudoir-esque look but this comes off as playful  rather than being tacky. Although this look may not be suited for every body type, Mon Amour is a modern take on a Valentine’s collection that will be wearable long beyond the big day.

The Modern Mughal Collection, also launched on the same day, is comprised of vibrant printed silks. The prints are colourful and detailed, drawing mainly from Mughal imagery with a contemporary edge. The bright prints in this line are accentuated by clean and sleek cuts. These versatile silk pieces can be worn for dinner and numerous other occasions. Although the prints in this collection are similar to the prints showcased in the previous Elan silk and lawn collections, what is distinct about this line is the super-long hemlines on several pieces and trendy the wide pants, somewhat like Misha Lakhani’s recent extra-wide pants.

The new Elan Vital collection is available in stores and online on

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