Elevate your winter wardrobe one Melange piece at a time

It’s crazy how fast winter seems to be flying by – so does 2019. And on that note, you should be well into decking your winter wardrobe. Winter’s always kinda weird in Karachi: it’s cold but not so cold at the same time – the weather constantly shifts as the day progresses so it’s best to piece your outfit one light layer at a time. Just like layering jewellery can be tricky, figuring out what goes with what, in terms of clothes, can also be quite the challenge.

Whether your style is a fusion of east and west or you prefer sticking to either/or, with Sapphire’s new Mélange Collection, there’s ample flexibility within the capsule to meet whatever style requirement you have. The collection itself consists of 7 eastern kurtas and 15 western winter coats designed to beat Karachi’s moody winter season in style. Through this collection, Sapphire aims to provide an exotic range of the ever-so-luxurious mélange fabrics for a premium fabric feel that exudes elegance. Curated with a careful balance between colours and casuals you can turn into semi-formals, you can channel whatever look you’re opting for – be it indoor festivities like dance practises for your friend’s dholki or running errands outside (adulting is difficult enough, might as well spruce up your outfit and look cute while doing it). 

Here’s a guide on how to incorporate the customisable, functional yet stylish Melange collection into your everyday winter wardrobe affairs:

A casual dinner date with bae

Opting for a clean, crisp outfit is the key here. Here are two of our favourites that’d go hand in hand with a casual dinner date either with bae or a group of friends. The worked neckline and chic embroidery elevate the outfit just enough for it to look elegant.

If you’re feeling a little chilly, wrap up in a shawl – you can easily take it off and put it to the side if the restaurant’s thermostat is turned up

Running errands all day

Keep your outfit simple and fuss free but elegant at the same time (a little bit like the makeup-no-makeup look but for your wardrobe). You don’t want it getting in the way of things. A simple kurta with tights should do the trick.

The understated bunched up sleeves and slightly worked neckline adds the right amount of spruce and functionality for a busy day

Dance practises

Don’t forget, you will be expected to rehearse the dance routine so it’s best to keep your outfit minimal, allowing fluidity in movement at the same time. This two-piece duo is perfect for just that.

Again, to compliment the winter – albeit slight – chill, the contrast of colours between the maroon in the cardigan and the grey of the sweats compliments each other. Once you’re warmed up, you can toss it on the couch and grab it before you head out

A formal work day

Whether you’re up in front of the board of directors, daunted by giving a presentation or part of your job description is for you to dress formally, you can mix and match an array of options from the Melange collection.

The colour is so unique and out-there, sure to bring out your inner boss woman

The stars of the show are the coats featured in the Melange collection.

Opt for either a plain black or white office shirt underneath this coat along with black straight lined pants – unbutton the coat for a slightly more casual, not so put together look

So there you have it! Some of our favourites from Sapphire’s Melange collection. Don’t forget to share with us the looks you come up with.

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