Epic Creepy Story Goes Viral on Twitter

If you’re not on Twitter you may have just missed an EPIC real-life creepy story – but don’t worry, we’ll get you all caught up. Not only was the story super creepy, it was so brilliantly told that it may just have inspired a new genre of Twitter stories….who knew you could be a brilliant story-teller with just 140 characters a pop?!

It all began with this innocuous tweet from Olivia Cole, aka @RantingOwl,


What followed was a story so fantastic that J.K.Rowling tweeted this:



So Olivia and her husband just moved to Louisville and are looking for a new place because they hate their apartment. They had a viewing with a realtor yesterday – which quickly moved into the realms of the creepy. Telling the story, Olivia illustrates her reactions and those of her husband with an inspired choice of GIFS


Olivia starts to fall for the period features of the house like crown mouldings and buil-in china closets but hubby is noticing some weird signs….

So they find some odd stuff – like a little door at the back of a closet leading to a tiny dark room but it’s the basement that really creeps them out!

“It’s very clean and not super dark. Lots of shelving. Couple chairs.

And a door in the very back.

It has three padlocks & a sliding lock.”


While the agent’s desperately playing dumb, things get weirder outside. While Olivia’s gushing over the garden, her husband spots the creepiest thing of all.

Yep that creepy house has a door that’s locked with three padlocks and a sliding lock and no-one knows where the door leads! Olivia continues with some hilarious commentary on what happened once the couple left the property and ends with tweeting “I was almost signing a 12 month lease with The Conjuring bc my white ass got taken in by some original hardwood floors & a porcelain tub”.

Needless to say, people just couldn’t look away:

From all the people saying yes they’d fall for beautiful features…

to the frankly strange people saying they’d love a house that creepy,

Yep, there were all sorts of reactions but this was what many wanted to know

Someone even asked (and apparently a LOT of people were thinking this but didn’t want to offend)…

In the end though, most people couldn’t get enough

This woman basically summed it up though

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