Events in Karachi – 14th – 21st May 2015

Kick off the weekend by immersing yourself in the Karachi Love Story – Baraf Pani. Directed by Cannes Film Festival acclaimed director Hamza Bangash, the play stars Hadi Bin Arshad and Amtul Baweja in the leads. Have a great week!

Theatre: Baraf Paani – A Karachi Love Story

Baraf Paani - A Karachi Love Story
Baraf Paani – A Karachi Love Story

Baraf Paani is an award-winning play about two people who can’t stand each other but rishta toh rishta hota hai! From May 15th to 31st at FOMMA TRUST, a beautifully renovated army barrack located in Zamzama Park . Baraf Paani is the first play to go up in this historic building! Tickets are now on sale at
Espresso Dolmen & Shahbaz. Presented by SATRANGI. Brought to you by the Cannes Film Festival acclaimed director Hamza

Performance Dates: Friday, 15th May – 31st May 2015

May 15th- 8:00 pm
May 16th- 8:00 pm
May 17th- 3pm & 8pm

May 22nd- 8:00 pm
May 23rd- 8:00 pm
May 24th- 3pm & 8pm

May 29th- 8:00 pm
May 30th- 8:00 pm
May 31st- 3pm & 8pm

At: Fomma Trust, FDAC, Zamzama Park, Karachi

Art Exhibition: When Thoughts Turn Into Images

art exhibition karachi
Art Exhibition: When Thoughts Turn Into Images

Participating Artists: Beenish Khalid, Hira Zubair, Nadia Rahat, Saima Beenish and Salman Hunzai

As the title of the show depicts, this exhibition is conceived around the concept of thoughts and perceptions being translated into visuals. “When thoughts turn into images” is a body of work by five miniature artists, whose ideas and techniques vary. Yet they all have converted their own individual visions, arising in the mind, to images that informs us as to how they perceive the world around them.

Date: Thursday, 14th May – 28th May 2015

Time: 5:00pm to 8:00pm

At: Suite 102, 1st. Floor, Clifton Centre, Schon Circle, Clifton Block 5, Karachi

Art Exhibition: The Science of Taking a Walk

Art Exhibition: The Science of Taking a Walk
Art Exhibition: The Science of Taking a Walk

The Science of Taking a Walk
Navigating/ (Re) Navigating – Forming Trajectories

Curated by Hajra Haider Karrar.

Bani Abidi
Farida Batool
Yaminay Chaudhry
Naiza Khan
Shalalae Jameel
Seher Naveed & Seema Nusrat
Fazal Rizvi
Omer Wasim

People can see nothing around them that is not their own image; everything speaks to them of themselves. Their very landscape is animated. Obstacles were everywhere. And they were all interrelated, maintaining a unified reign of poverty. -Karl Marx

The artists’ curiosity often takes him / her to navigating unknown paths or (re)navigating paths known. The trajectory formed is one that varies with the artists’ observations and interests. Physical aspects of the space or cultural mannerisms/ behaviourisms, what is it that clicks with the artist and becomes a point of departure and entry. How are the points/stations determined in this trajectory? Is the collective subconscious at play while these new associations are being established?

Foreign lands or personal domain can both be challenging in this regard, personal domain maybe even more so, since unlearning or disregarding certain knowledge and habits maybe required in order to starting afresh.

How these trajectories are then translated so that glimpses of the artists’ experience are made available to be experienced by the viewer? Is the viewer then able to see through the lens of the artist and relate/ recognize/ associate with his experience?

These are some of the questions which will be explored in this exhibition.

– Hajra Haider Karrar, Curator of The Science of Taking a WalkDate: Thursday 21st May – 25th July 2015

Time: Mon – Sat 12 – 7 pm; Fri 3 – 7 pm

At: Gandhara Art, F-65/2, Block 4, Clifton

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