Events in Karachi 17th – 23rd June

The city is once again ready to play host to a set of events that will be taking place in different parts. Karachista gives you a round-up of all the exciting events that you can look forward to in the upcoming week. T2F provides food for the soul in the holy month of Ramzan by hosting a Qavvali mehfil night by Najmuddin Saifuddin Brothers and also pays tribute to their inspirational founder, Sabeen Mahmud. There’s a Google Local Guides Meet-up this weekend so grab your cameras. Foodies should definitely not miss out on the Ramzan Food Festival soon to take place and count your blessings by reaching out to people who need our help, so be a helping hand to Edhi Orphanage and give as much charity as you can in this month of forgiveness and spiritual bliss.


1. Ramzan Qavvali Series: Najmuddin Saifuddin Series


Visit T2F for a classical qavvaali performance by Najmuddin Saiffudin Brothers!

About the Qavvaals:
Keeping the flame of the Delhi Gharana alive, Najmuddin Saifuddin & Brothers perform traditional qavvaali, perfected over 20 years of live performances around the world. The troupe has toured throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and across South Asia and have received multiple accolades for their renditions.

In addition to performances, Najmuddin Saifuddin and Brothers are committed to sharing their art and knowledge by presenting lectures and workshops about the age-old institution of qavvaali.

When: 18th June

Where: T2F

Timings: 10 PM

2. Ramadan Food Festival 2016


Triple-E brings to you the FIRST EVER – Ramadan Food Festival!!

A festival that essentially represents what we, as Pakistanis, adore with all our hearts – food. This mixed with a month we all honor & give priority to more than anything else: Ramadan.

The ideology is to amalgamate two of the most beloved things about our culture & religion and bring them to the public at one platform.

When: 22nd June

Where: Frere Hall

Timings: Starting from 5:30 till 11:59 all days

3. The Matchbox Summer Series


With an aptitude for inquiry and project-based learning, The Matchbox Summer Series present a continuum of knowledge and understanding by means of fostering initiative and curiosity, and innovation and invention.

What is this fire-y business you ask?

For four weeks, students will partake in an extensive and inciting summer program – which will cover four aspects of contemporary education: Performance and Language arts, Science, Public Speaking and History and Culture.

When: 20th June

Where: T2F

Timings: 2.30-4.30 PM

4. Eid’s Fashion Bazaar Exhibition


A pre-Eid fashion Bazaar is being organized to make your Eid shopping all the more fun and happening. Shoppers can find multiple stalls of clothing, jewelry, footwear and food covering each and every aspect of their Eid shopping. There will also be LIVE media coverage, interviews, concert and performances on stage to entertain visitors and buyers.

When: 18th – 19th June

Where: The Forum Shopping Mall

Timings: 2-11 PM (Both days)

5. Celebrating 42 Years of Sabeen Mahmud


“I think we all feel crippled when we see that massive problems around us; we feel insecure. We ask: how can we fix this all at once? We cannot. It’s not even our job to fix things. But what we can do is this: make music, write poetry.” – Sabeen Mahmud

So let’s make music, write poetry. Let’s do all that Sabeen loved to celebrate her 42nd birthday! Visit T2F for an evening of poetic readings dedicated to the inspirational founder. Those interested can bring their prose, poetry, reminiscences, and love. Out-of-station friends can send in their poems at: [email protected] and we’ll have them shared with our audiences!

When: 20th June

Where: T2F

Timings: 8:30 – 10 PM

6. The Art Garage


The students of Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture, department of Textile Design from 3rd year have arranged an exhibition to showcase handmade crafts such as jewelry and hand painted trays. Other items such as paintings, woven cushions, diaries and fun digital scarves will also be available.

Do come grab these limited art works and help support us in our fund raising journey for their study trip!

When: 23rd-24th June

Where: Sanat Initiative (F-39-1/A, Block IV, Clifton)

7. Prologue – Exhibit A


The best kept secrets are Chinese. There are whispers, exchanged looks, a sense of mystery and distorted by the time they are uttered. It’s all true.

The House Collaborative hence is opening the door ajar and exhibiting pieces that introduce the space, it’s current projects and being conversations. Because we liked to be talked about, because we will tease you just a bit, a little nibble here and slight purr.

Work in Progress by Amna Iqbal & Safwan Subzwari
Work in Progress by Amna Iqbal & Safwan Subzwari

When: 19th June

Where: The House Collaborative (A/10, Qasr e Zainab,Club Road)

Timings: 2-11 PM

8. Karachi – City of Lights – Google Local Guides Meetup


Its time to reclaim the glory of this beautiful city. So grab your Cameras and a sharp eye to capture the world from your own perspective.

Make sure your lens kit does not include any lens more than 200 mm.

Fill out this form to confirm your availibility:

When: 18th June

Where: Port Grand Pakistan

Timings: 6-9 PM

9. Be a Helping Hand!


Your little contribution can make someone’s EID memorable.
Lets join the initiative taken by Navigation Management Consulting for the children of Edhi Orphange. Make some contribution today because life is not about what you receive, but what you give.

When: 22nd June

Where: Edhi Orphanage

Timings: 5-8 PM

For Donations and other details:
Sarmad (0306-2068356)
Anas (0322-8265395)


Karachista Staff
Karachista Staff
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