Events in Karachi: 25th-31st March 2016

It’s a good week for comedy and theatre fans, with a number of events in Karachi to look forward to. This weekend, fans of improvisational comedy will have two great shows to choose from. The Improv Jam is back with their third show, this time with an all-new lineup. Crowd favourite Faiza Saleem will be performing with a new group of improvisers, including newcomer Amafah Mubashir. The Improv Jam is proving to be a great platform for performers looking to dabble in improv comedy and gives audiences the chance to watch fresh talent!

Comedy Scene is back with their second show at T2F, the very same night. The show will feature an improvisational troupe of nine very talented boys, including Hassaan Bin Shaheen, who has proven himself to be a natural at improv! Later on in the week, locally based troupe The Platoon, will be performing with Ten Thousand Million Love Stories, a two-person improv troupe from London. It looks like a promising show, featuring our homegrown talent alongside international performers who are bound to bring something new and interesting to the table!

I AM KARACHI is celebrating I Am Karachi Day at Frere Hall this weekend. The festival will feature lots of fun activities for kids, food stalls alongside arts and crafts, as well as a concert at the end of the day. With a fantastic musical line-up featuring Sounds of Kolachi, Zoe Viccaji and Sara Haider, the concert and festival promise to be a fun way to enjoy a day out with the whole family!

The National Academy of Performing Arts is currently holding it’s International  Theatre & Music Festival. The festival features a variety of performances by local and international artists, including several plays. Check out their schedule below for more details regarding the various performances and shows being featured. Grease The Musical and Court Martial are still up in theatres, so if you haven’t gotten a chance to check these productions out yet, there’s still quite a few shows to look forward to!

The Improv Jam III

The Improv Jam, events in Karachi, improvisational comedy

A unique union of improvisers coming together for the first time to put up a show for you! The games and scene partners will be unknown to them-how awkward is that? Come find out.

The event is produced and curated by Faiza Saleem and Faris Khalid.

Four new improvisers. Many new games. Lots of laughs at them. Very few laughs with them.

Show Host:
Faris Khalid

Amafah Mubashir
Babar Jafree
Faiza Saleem
Rabiya Hamid
Pushteban Arbab

Children under 16 are strictly NOT allowed. Tickets will be available at the entrance. Please do not lie about your ticket already being “inside.” Much love.

Tickets: Rs. 300/-

Where: Thotspot, 1C, Street 7A, Badar Commercial Area, Phase V ext., D.H.A

When: 25th March

Timings: 8:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m.


Comedy Scene

Comedy Scene, events in Karachi, improvisational comedy, improv, T2F

Comedy Scene’s platform is back with a new show, at T2F! We’re doing a new show, which means NEWER-FRESHER-FUNNIER content.

We loved your appreciation of our last comedy show in January and super positive reviews in the papers and so we’re putting on another great show with our talented group of comedians. So if you loved our last performance, then get ready to laugh your socks off, with this one too.

Bring your friends and family members along too! We will put up a family show for you and the show content is targeted to anyone aged 12 and over.

The rib-tickling and tummy splitting line-up:
• Fahad Zaki
• Harold John
• Faraz Ahmed
• Muhammad Altamash
• Bassam Shazli
• Junaid Malik (JD)
• Kashif Shahzad                                                                                                                                                                  
• Hassaan Bin Shaheen
• Faheem Azam

So come and laugh away your troubles at our modestly priced night of standup comedy which will feature 9 exciting comedians from Karachi.

Tickets will be available at the venue! Come early since there are only 150 tickets up for grabs. First come first served.

Tickets: Rs. 300/-

Where: T2F, 10C, Sunset Lane 5, Phase 2 Extension, D.H.A

When: 25th March

Timings: 8:00 p.m.-9:30 p.m.


I Am Karachi Day 2016

I am Karachi, I am Karachi Day, events in Karachi, festivals in Karachi

The I AM KARACHI Consortium invites you to join hands and collectively celebrate the I AM KARACHI DAY 2016.

This day has been declared as an official day in the history of Karachi for bringing together its citizens to own, celebrate and reclaim a peaceful Karachi.

Featuring musical performances by:
Sounds of Kolachi
Zoe Viccaji
Sara Haider
Latif Ali Khan
& many more

Entry is free, however rights of admission are reserved. Kindly bring your original NIC or original alternative photo ID.

Where: Frere Hall, Fatima Jinnah Road

When: 26th March

Timings: 5:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.


The Platoon & Ten Thousand Million Love Stories

The Platoon, Ten Thousand Million Love Stories, events in Karachi, theatre in Karachi, improv comedy

Ten Thousand Million Love Stories takes stories from the audience and weaves the characters, situations and ideas behind them into an improvised play that changes nightly.

The Platoon will be doing a series of scenes with live music, drama, action and comedy dictating how you choose to sympathise and go on with the journey of the characters instantly created. Watch as entire narratives, and plot twists and awkward energy combine to form a theatrical experience.

All things improvised and made from the audience’s suggestion.

The performers:

The Platoon is Pakistan’s first long-form improvisational theatre troupe. Instant scenes, diverse characters, compelling narratives and the audience’s involvement creates a unique interactive fun-filled show.

Heather Urquhart trained in Physical Theatre but after graduation started her lifelong affair with improv joining Kepow Theatre with Kevin Tomlinson in 2004, has been with the Maydays since 2006 and is a performer with the award winning Showstopper! The Improvised Musical.

Jules Munns is the artistic Director of the Nursery and the founder of Slapdash International, London’s longest running festival of improvisation, as well as being one of the UK’s most prolific improv teachers and actors. He performs with improvised shows including the Maydays, Happily Never After, Sitting in a Tin Can, Impromptu Shakespeare (which he also directed) and programmes the Nursery Presents.

Tickets can be ordered via Delivery Chacha.

Tickets: Rs. 700/-

Where: Pakistan American Cultural Centre

When: 27th March

Timings: 7:30 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

Contact: 0301-2355394


NAPA International Theatre & Music Festival

events in Karachi, NAPA, International Theatre and Music Festival, festivals in Karachi

The National Academy of Performing Arts presents it’s first ever International Theatre & Music Festival. The festival will feature eleven musical and theatrical shows, seven of which will feature international performers, while four shows will feature local performers. The schedule of the festival in the coming week is as follows:

25th March
Play: Chipping
Director: Anna Konjetzky
Group: Anna Konjetzky
Country: Germany

26th March
Play: Sherry
Director: Anwer Jaffri
Group: Tehreek-e-Niswan
Country: Pakistan

27th March
Play: Turam Ka Makaan/ The Charmed Ring
Director: Zia Mohyeddin/ Laquetta Carpenter & Kashif Hussain
Group: NRT
Country: America/Pakistan

28th March
Play: About Time
Director: Hajra Haider
Group: HHK
Country: Pakistan

29th March
Play: Makrophonia
Director: Renald Deppe/ Michael Bruckner
Group: Music
Country: Austria / Pakistan

30th – 31st March
Play: Mein Hun Yusuf Aur Yeh Hai Mera Bhai
Director: Mohit Takalkar
Group: Aasakta
Country: India

This is currently the only international theatre and music festival in Pakistan and it plays a very significant role in the development of theatre and music in Pakistan by being staged at NAPA and being accessible to the theatre and music students, graduates and theatre and music artists in Karachi.

The countries featured in this year’s festival are Austria, Germany, India, America and of course Pakistan.

For details and registrations contact using the given information or inbox on Facebook.

Where: National Academy of Performing Arts, M.R Kiyani Road, Old Hindu Gymkhana Building, Saddar                 Town

When: till 3rd April

Timings: 8:00 p.m.-10:00 p.m.

Contact: 0321-2786044, 021-35693701/03


Email: [email protected]





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