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Fabulous exercise classes in Karachi

Looking for great exercise classes in Karachi to undo the effects of the festive season? With fitness classes being advertised left, right and centre, it can be daunting to pick out just the right programme for you. Everybody has different fitness targets – for some it might be bulking up, for others it can be shedding the extra holiday weight – either way, it’s important to have a goal in sight and understand how to roughly go about achieving that goal. Obviously, the details and technicalities rest on the shoulders of the instructors. Here are some of our favourite exercise programmes from a variety of different gyms in Karachi

Great Exercise Classes in Karachi

Vinyasa Flow at The Yoga Well

Some people are really skeptical when it comes to yoga. They have preconceived notions about the art and tend to generalise it with slow movement and breathing. And while yoga is all of that, it is much more. Vinyasa is a branch of yoga that is still relatively new to Pakistan. It’s a series of poses that flow smoothly into one another, with the predominant pose being the “plank”. Bisha offers Vinyasa Flow Level 1 for the beginners who are looking out to venture and Vinyasa Flow Level 2 to challenge the body further.

If you’re looking for great yoga classes in Karachi, the possibilities don’t just end at Vinyasa.

The Yoga Well offers a variety of different yoga classes, each having a different core aspect. What’s great is that for the first 3 weeks, they offer unlimited classes, which means, you don’t have to be bound to just one programme. Try your hand at all the different classes that interest you and then pick whichever one best suits you and your body. We spoke to Bisha (@bishashabiryoga) to get her to shed some light in her field of expertise (yoga) and this is what she had to say, “There is no yoga out there that is for losing weight. If anyone ever advertises it, please know that it’s simply not true and most yoga teachers will say this. I’ve been in this field a while and have done years of studying anatomy, the body and biomechanics and know that metabolic systems and weight loss have little or nothing to do with yoga. This being said, yoga helps you strengthen and move the body more (Vinyasa and yoga open are both similar and dynamic classes). When you start moving better and breathing better, then the mind does shift. People feel like it helps them make healthier food choices, which the MAY lead to weight loss.”

Instructor: Bisha Shabir & Ajlaan


Venue: The Yoga Well (@theyogawellpk)

Studio X

Studio X is a Karachi institution and their amazing exercise classes in Karachi are often packed. From the energetic Body Pump with Jeanette or Tabata with Fuzzy to Yoga with Jeanette or Salina, these are the classes that many Karachi-ites know and love. But Studio X has a new crop of instructors too, with classes that look set to push your limits.

Ab and Bum with Natasha

If a flat stomach and strong glutes are on your wish list, ⚡️Ab & Bum ⚡️with Natasha aims at just that! Focused on strengthening the two largest muscle groups, the abs and glutes her workouts are a mix of strength and weight training exercises targeting the lower body, combined with cardio to help burn overall body fat ,help you get rid of that muffin top & sculpt those abs

Join Natasha every Thursday 8:30am for Ab & Bum. Call/whatsapp +92 307 2336539 to register or to take a trial classes

Spinning with Ayesha

?Looking to up your cardio and endurance game? Join Ayesha every Tuesday and Thursday for an exhilarating 45 minutes calorie torching workout! With a combination of power climbs, sprints, high intensity drills and interval training, Ayesha’s classes are guaranteed to challenge and push you beyond your limits and help achieve your fitness goals! Her playlists include the latest tunes and mixes, and are sure to get you revved up and feeling energised

Spinning exercise class in Karachi
Spinning at Studio X in Karachi

?Tuesday at 8:30AM
?Thursday at 9:30AM
. . .
?Call/WhatsApp to book your bike +92 307 2336539. Let’s ride! *ladiesOnly

Boogie Bounce

One of the first of its kind in Pakistan, Boogie Bounce is a great exercise class in Karachi,  effective for the body in numerous ways. Brilliant for not only burning a few extra calories, it’s a great method for bouncing back after an injury. Surprised? Us too. Mehak Teherani (@muvbeast) Head Beast at @muvbase explains how, “Studies within classes using the latest fitness gadgets are showing between 500 to 800 calories can be burnt. This may be important to some but there are many more benefits of trampolining: low impact on joints / ligaments as the elastic element of the mat absorbs much of the impact or shock on each bounce, making this kind of exercise programme effective but also rehabilitative. Bouncing is also said to lead to greatly increased lymph fluid circulation, leading directly to a boosted immune system and increased detoxification. Some of our attendees have noticed incredible cellulite reduction. It also offers improvement in physical strength, muscular development, coordination, balance and flexibility.”

Instructor: Mehak Taherani

Timings: every Tuesday 7:30 PM – 8:45 PM

Venue: MUV Base (@muvbase)


Run by a team of well-renowned names in the fitness industry and Pakistan’s largest fitness programme, the 42 Day Challenge (@the42daychallenge) boasts fat loss of around 6 inches in 6 weeks. What’s great about this programme is the personalised nutrition: individual, customised meal plan that Nusrat Hidayatullah (@nusrathidayatullah) carves out for you according to your weight. Not only does it offer delicious recipe ideas (from fun spins on protein shakes to desi food like qeema) but it’s designed according to macros that suit YOUR body, mentioning the exact amounts of ingredients you need to use. This is a brilliant programme to join if you’re someone who has newly embarked on their fitness journey and you just aren’t sure about what to eat, what not to eat, how to track your macros, portions, etc. Definitely one of the iconic exercise classes in Karachi.

Instructors: Team 42DC

Venue: Moin Khan Stadium, ZENfit

Every batch has different timings, call 03008205752 for further details

Couples that work out together, stay together

Hydro Fit Team Studio

These guys run one of the best exercise classes in Karachi

The brains behind the brawn, Hydro (@hydrofitteam) has trained some of the most prominent names in Pakistani showbiz; from Syra Shahroz to Anushay Ashraf to HSY. If you’re looking for training from one of the best in the business, Hydro’s your guy. Whether you opt for personal training, which will set you back quite a few steps, financially, as it is on the pricier side or you decide to join one of Hydro’s group exercise classes in Karachi, it’s guaranteed that you are in safe hands. The classes he offers are a mixture of strength-resistance training and cross-fit, promising weight loss and increased strength.

Venue: Hydro Fit Team Studio (@hydrofitteam)

Post Pregnancy Program

Love your baby but hate the body he left you with? Don’t worry, Baraka from The Pilates Lab has your back by offering a four week, post pregnancy rehab programme, focusing on fitness, weight loss and healing. Workouts include Reformer Pilates, Chair Pilates, Bodhi, Barre HIIT and gym. Let the fear of post pregnancy weight gain gaunt you no more.

Make sure you brave through the entire length of the programme, instead of quitting at your first or second class

Ever wonder how your favourite celebrities get that beautifully toned body? Pilates – more often than not. One hour of pilates burns calories all day long. They’re a great form of exercise for sculpting and toning the body.

The fit & fabulous Mawra Hocane relies on pilates to keep her body slim and toned

Instructor: Baraka (supermum and your Barre and Reformer Instructor from America)

Venue: The Pilates Lab (@thepilatezlab)

Hopefully, you’ll have found your favourite exercise classes in Karachi. Time to get a move on – start booking your slots. You can also check out our piece on some of the best gyms in Karachi. Just remember, no matter how rigorous of a fitness programme or regime you take up, nothing is gonna work if your diet isn’t balanced and clean. The basic fitness ratio is 80:20 – 80% diet, 20% exercise.

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