Friday, March 24, 2023

Eye-candy for the teeth

Two months steadily in and we’ve come across the first (of what we are sure are many) weirdest trend of 2019; rainbow teeth. Yes, you read that right. Move over crackling magnetic nail polish, spray-on hair colour, it’s time for the teeth to shine.

2019 Coachella look: sorted

CHROM tooth polish is a temporary tooth polish paint. You brush it on just like nail polish. How weird would that feel? It can last upto 24 hours, while you’re eating and drinking. You can remove the product by scratching your teeth (sounds a little terrifying?!) or by brushing them – we’ll stick with the latter.

“This tooth polish is really safe. It was developed by dentists. I think I am a very colourful person, so this is just one more pop of colour that I could add,” says Yelle Belle, Brand Director at CHROM.

They have various  collections, featuring an array of different colours grouped together. They have a metallic line, brights – which are mostly in the pastel family, iridescents, the new glitterati line. Needless to say, your teeth are now eligible for a mood and are responsible for bringing your whole outfit together.

The “Metallics” are giving some serious #BadGal vibes

Part of CHROM’s “Brights” line

“There was a time when people said no one would wear a blue lip. Makeup changes so it just makes sense that everyone can bring colour onto their teeth. I have used it and for me, I love it. Fashion right now is so exciting – we aren’t looking at constraints on gender, we’re not looking at rules the way we used to.  And I think teeth are kind of the last place. The brights work on someone at Coachella. The glitters give anybody that Hollywood feel. The metallics can go from high school hip-hop to hanging out at the beach. I think there’s no limit, other than the limit you’re putting on it,” James Vincent shares his expert opinion as a makeup artist

Final verdict? Unless Coachella decides to hit Pakistan anytime soon, we’ll pass. It’s a very out-there look and it’s definitely gonna take a little bit of time before we know just how to rock it in Karachi.

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