Faiza Samee at Pantene Hum Showcase 2018

Faiza Samee’s new collection, titled “The Indigo Madder/Experiment”, is an ode to indigenous dyeing processes of the subcontinent. The entire collection has been produced at our own facility including fermenting the indigo leaf in clay vats with indigo harvested  in Sindh, where it been growing for over 5000 years, but in recent years this natural process has become neglected. Faiza Samee’s design ethos has always focused on reviving traditional, indigenous processes that have been lost with the passage of time. The House of Faiza Samee feels strongly about giving back to nature, creating sustainable fashion, and feels a responsibility to hold on to, and develop craft that is ingrained in our heritage. For this reason, this collection explores indigo and madder – both gorgeous natural colours, which must be given the importance they deserve. 

This collection has incorporated an experimentation by treating various textiles, including velvets and brocades, applying different techniques to achieve this end result.  Much of  the cotton and silk fabric used is handloom woven in Sindh, and barring a few embellishments of the collection has been created using exclusively natural dyes. While with the advent of technology, quicker processes such as digital printing and machine embroidery have become increasingly popular in recent years, The House of Faiza Samee is firmly rooted in tradition and bears this authenticity in their aesthetic and design. 


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