Magnum Chocolate Party 2016: Art, Fashion and WTF

This year’s Magnum Chocolate Party combined chocolate, art, dance and fashion under the theme of Surrealism. Featuring performance art installations, an exhibition, dance performances and fashion presentations, Magnum sought to take their annual Chocolate Party to the next level – with varying degrees of success.

The surreal tone was set before anyone even entered the exhibition space – by a man bathing in what appeared to be a tub of chocolate. The intentionally provocative installation ended up being the most shared image of the night, taking away a little from some very positive aspects.


The art exhibition was curated by Sameera Raja, owner of Canvas Gallery and one of Pakistan’s top art experts, and included several thought-provoking pieces. The art gallery featured the works of several established artists including Muzammil Raheel, Aamir Habib and Maria Khan. The Dali theme was brought to life through the paintings and sculptures though the performance art installations had a try-hard feel.


Amna Tauqeer once again displayed some interesting chocolate work, despite the heat and temperature issues, and her desserts were delicious.

Zara Peerzada. hosted the ‘Chocolate Carpet’, which featured the usual mix of celebrities, designers, socialites, media and executives.



#AamnaHaiderIsani and #TapuJaveri at the #MagnumParty2016

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This year’s ramp presentation was noticeably better than last year’s with Nilofer Shahid, in particular standing out. Taking the Surrealism theme to heart, she put what looked like a real skeleton onto a cape, sent a model down the ramp in a ball and chain and another in fantastical concoction of ruffles and organza topped with a torso-sized rose corsage. This was fashion as art with a definitive thought process behind the capsule collection.


Nilofer Shahid takes a bow at the Magnum Chocolate Party 2016

Shamaeel Ansari also had fun with the surrealism theme, focusing on the artistic component rather than commercial considerations.

Shamael Ansari's Collection
Shamael Ansari’s Collection

Ali Zeeshan drew most attention by appearing with a rooster sitting on his head, but his presentation relied too much on gimmicky accessories while Faraz Manan’s collection was unfortunately pedestrian.

Ali Zafar did a little 5 min skit where he wrapped a model in a sheet, then unwrapped her and did a little pencil sketch of her. Unfathomable isn’t the same as surreal but he did get a cheer, and once again while helping a Faraz Manan model whose dress got stuck on stage.


#AliZafar does a little sketch on stage #MagnumParty2016 #artisticindulgence

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Overall the party was a mish-mash of the admirable and the blah – but it seems to improve every year and – there’s always plenty of chocolate available, which can never be a bad thing!

More of the Magnum Chocolate Party red carpet.


Some of our favourite media women at the Magnum Chocolate Party



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