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There’s nothing like a spicy, saucy plate of wings or a good burger so when Fat Sal’s diner opened its doors recently in Karachi we HAD to go check it out. Fat Sal’s is unpretentious and vibrant with generous portions served on wooden boards, perfect for sharing. The welcoming, interactive staff and typical diner-style booths add to the friendly, cozy vibe making the diner a great place to let loose and chill out.


There are some salads on the menu but this is not the place to head if you’re on a diet because Fat Sal’s is all about indulgence. Their signature gourmet wings are the main attraction, in a range of flavours from Lava to Pik a Pok, but Fat Sal’s also offers a wide choice of burgers and grilled sandwiches as well as a tempting array of sides, shakes and drinks.


We started with the Tangy Zesty Prawns, Beer-Battered Onion Rings and Triple Dipped Fries. The prawns had a perfectly crispy fried coating and a lovely light sauce, garnished with spring onions, creating a delicious light combination. The onion rings and fries were also delicious but slightly heavier and oilier, which suited the comfort food vibe very well.

We also sampled the pulled short rib beef sandwich, the Farmhouse burger and three gourmet flavours of Fat Sal’s signature wings. The sandwiches were scrumptious, stuffed with juicy slow-cooked pulled beef and cheese. Surprisingly these were also quite light yet still managed to hit the spot and fulfill that strong desire for junk food that we all get every so often. The burger introduced a new combination of flavours with an egg and hearty fried meat patty. Although this may sound like the usual and infamous, anday wala burger, this was an entirely different experience….Fat Sal’s own twist making this an absolute must-try.

The chicken wings, the main attraction at Fat Sal’s lived up to the hype too. The lava wings, coated in a zingy sauce were well fried and scrumptious. The Pik a Pok had slightly spicier flavour and were a bit drier than the lava wings but were still succulent nonetheless. The distinctly delicious Asian double crunch wings are a definite must-have at Fat Sal’s. They had a more oriental flavour, wrapped in a delectable Korean style sauce served alongside flavoursome chilli peppers. The mint lemonade was refreshing, however, with the typical burger-and-fries style cuisine a chilled fizzy coke would have been a better match.

Garlic Buffalo WIngs
Garlic Buffalo WIngs (pic by Sadia Tariq)

We finished off with the Banoffee pie and the Cookie Monster. The Banoffee Pie had a scrumptious cookie layer, followed by toffee and banana layers, topped generously with fluffy whipped cream. It was a nice and cool dessert and the combination of toffee, cream and bananas can never really go wrong. The crumbled cookie blended perfectly with the scrumptious cream that simply melts in your mouth.

The irresistible Banoffie Pie

The Cookie Monster, however, was on another level completely: one that I feel words cannot do justice to, so much so that we ordered a second one! The small dish consists of a soft cookie dough base with a layer of divine melted nutella, followed by another layer of cookie, topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. The perfect balance of moist cookie and warm chocolate core was struck brilliantly. Although when described it sounds quite ordinary but this dessert is absolutely out of this world, pure yummy comfort food.

Fat Sal’s has a lot to offer from succulent chicken wings to mouth-watering burgers and delicious desserts. The relaxing and homely atmosphere is a definite plus point, which allows you to kick back and enjoy real diner food in all its messy glory.

Another Burger we're looking forward to trying
Another Burger we’re looking forward to trying (pic by Sadia Tariq)


Pics by the author except where stated

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