If our favourite US TV shows were made in Pakistan….

Pakistani TV has come on in leaps and bounds over recent years but we tend to stick to making relationship-based dramas. What if we started making crime shows, medical or legal dramas or even supernatural ones? Imagine if our favourite American TV shows were made in Pakistan…..

The Vampire Diaries


Pakistan got its first hit high school drama in ages, Dreamers, a while back. It’s about time we start fantasizing about another. Imagine how the public would cope with supernatural element in the plot: vampires, wolves, witches with a desi twist would be awesome. Finding a way to introduce some local myths into the mix would add another element of spice.

With so many young, good looking and talented actors, this would unsurprisingly turn out to be a love drama. Affan, Aiza, Zahid, Sonya and Neelam would all be studying in the same college. While their paranormal powers would be fascinating, face it, we’d all be watching to see who ends up with whom.

Stefan – Affan Waheed, because of his obvious too-good-to-be-true persona

Damon – Zahid Ahmed, because no one does a better redeemed, bad man than him

Elena – Aiza Khan, because she is the ultimate good girl, but can we also agree that she would look equally good with both, Affan and Zahid?

Pakistani actors, Pakistani television, American television, Vampire Diaries,
Aiza’s chemistry with Affan and Zahid would do justice to television’s most talked about love triangle!

Katherine – Sonya Rehman, because she can perfectly play a spoilt brat who happens to be a master manipulator

Matt – Meekal Zulfiqar, because you can easily picture him when you think of the poor soul that Matt is; always crying over some loss or another, being cheated upon, and the only purely good human on the show

Caroline – Neelam Muneer, because her bubbly, talkative and girly demeanour is the exact fit for Caroline’s

Klaus – Hasan Niazi, because he can do justice to this psychotic character who can make you love and hate him simultaneously

Worth watching?

Clearly, this show will be as interesting to follow from the beginning as it will be confusing for anyone who would skip even a single episode. Just like The Vampire Diaries, itself. If you are into the chick-flick-high-school-drama-love-triangle kind of plots, you would definitely enjoy this.




Are we ready for a legal drama? The law is a protracted and boring business anywhere in the world – if the US can make it gripping, perhaps we can too. Add a healthy dose of invention, some clever writing about corporate shenanigans and a gorgeous cast.

Harvey – Fahad Mustafa, because he has what it takes to pull off the necessary combo of charm and intelligence

Donna – Sanam Saeed, because she will nail being a super smart and pretty secretary, and we would LOVE to see Fahad and her paired together. She already makes for an adorable duo of friends with Syra

Pakistani actors, Pakistani television, American television, Suits, Donna, Harvey
Harvey and Donna’s chemistry is fun to watch on screen and we’d love to see how Fahad and Sanam pull it off!

Mike – Feroze Khan, because he is young and has a naturally arrogant aura. Of course, it would be interesting to see him in a brotherly bond with Fahad too

Rachel – Syra Sheroze, because her general cuteness and caring attitude will be perfect for this role, and she and Feroze could possibly be a refreshing couple to see on screen

Louis – Aijaz Aslam, because it is just that easy to picture him playing a less popular man at work and who works against Fahad out of contempt, but kicks ass when he joins hands with him too

Pakistani actors, Pakistani television, American television, Suits, Louis
Louis Litt has managed to win our hearts with his eccentric charm.
Pakistani actors, Pakistani television, American television, Suits, Aijaz Aslam
We can totally see Aijaz Aslam embodying Louis’s eccentricities and bizarre habits!


Jessica – Arjumand Rahim/Nimra Bucha, because the strength they are able to show in the portrayal of their characters and the hardness in their looks and voice would be just perfect for the head of the company

Daniel – Nauman Ejaz/Shahood Alvi, because who wouldn’t love to see them as the bad guy fighting for control over something

Pakistani actors, Pakistani television, American television, Suits, Daniel
Daniel Hardman- the lawyer everyone loves to hate!

Big Bang Theory


I’m not even sure how to translate some of the nerdy stuff the boys love or physics concepts but we have more than our share of geeks. Did you know there was even a Comic Con in Lahore a couple of years back? The sit-com would have to be tweaked to allow a far greater role for interfering parents (especially the girls’ parents) but this one has potential…..I hope there’s some producer out there taking notes….

Sheldon – Sarmad Khoosat, because he is capable of being quite funny in a nerdy way

Leonard – Azfar Ali, because he could bring an appropriate blend of humour, social awareness and intelligence to the table, just like Leonard

Howard – Mani, because he would gel in perfectly with the rest of the gang and has already proven his mettle where his work in comedy is concerned

Pakistani actors, Pakistani television, American television, Big Bang Theory, Mani, Azfar
Mani and Azfar have a great chemistry onscreen and are bound to put on rib-tickling performances as Howard and Leonard!

Raj – Faisal Qureshi, because the comedian-actor could be just as awkward as Rajesh

Penny – Naveen Waqar, because, just like Penny, she could be the pretty, fashion savvy girl everyone pays attention to

Amy – Nadia Afghan, because she makes for a great partner in a comedy ensemble, especially with Sarmad

Bernadette – Hira Mani, because Hira and Mani work well together and she has proven her calibre in comic roles

Kripke – Nabeel Qureshi, because there is none other who we would enjoy more as the nemesis who adds to the overall humour quotient

Sheldon’s mom – Bushra Ansari, because we could watch her be the fun and cool mom who hilariously embarrasses her kid in front of everyone, forever

Leonard’s mom – Badar Khalil, because she could give the perfect contrast to Bushra Ansari’s role and be the stern, disciplined and emotionally distant mom to complete the team

While there are those shows I can’t attempt to imagine with any other cast than the original (eg Grey’s Anatomy), there are others that can’t be adapted either because of a million other reasons. These include the lack of intelligent writing, equipment and a decent budget to shoot technical scenes as well as story lines that just wouldn’t be accepted here in Pakistan. Shows like Game of Thrones, Criminal Minds, the X-Files and New Girl couldn’t be made here for a variety of reasons. Still, there’s no reason for Pakistani TV to stick to family-based genres. Here’s hoping to see some more variety on our television screens. Until then, there’s always Netflix and streaming!



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