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Fit in 5 : bootcamp time!

Almas Haider checks out the trendy Fit In 5 Bootcamp

As one of my close friends wedding drew close in December, I was faced with the reality of the extra pounds I had piled up during the year. Post-Eid I gave myself a reality check, and forced myself to enroll in a bootcamp to shed off the extra weight. First off, with so many bootcamps, gyms and fitness sessions sprouting about in the city, it was difficult to figure out which one was the right one for me. So when somebody highly recommended the Fitn5 bootcamp, and the timings and location fit into my schedule, I pushed myself to take the plunge! FITIN5 has also launched a great collaboration with Indus Hospital for ‘FITIN5 for a cause’ where each attendee donated 50 rs for every kg lost, which FITIN5 matches. So with that thought, one early morning, I got into my sports gear and made my way to the morning session of Fitin5 at Zamzama.

A fitness program that is supporting a great cause

The Program

The way the program works, is that it is a combination of Crossfit style training that not only tones your body but actually strengthens you from the core. I have to admit the first week was quite a challenge for me, and I was dying! The series of squats, lunges and burpees really challenged my body and I felt maybe this program was not for me and age had finally caught up with me! By the second week my body had warmed up to the short bursts of cardio and I could see a cut down in inches. Doing the early morning session was an added bonus, as I found that is a great way to start my day. One of the best things about Fitn5, is the flexibility to fit it in to your schedule. When exploring other well-known programs, I felt I was constrained when it came to time, location and type of workout. Fitin5 offers mixed and ladies sessions, 6 days a week, 4 times a day  : 7:30am to 8:30am, 10:30am to 11:30am, 5:30pm to 6:30pm and 7:30pm to 8:30pm in 4 different locations all over Karachi. Whether you’re a student, stay at home mum, or a corporate executive, these timings can fit into the schedule of pretty much anybody! I also had the flexibility of going to smaller group which takes place indoor or a big session with lots of people training together in an outside venue. They are also one of the few programs that offer a class on a Saturday, which was great for me. If I knew I had to go out during the weekend, I didn’t feel so guilty about what I ate! Although I wasn’t following the comprehensive diet plan given by Fitin5, my fellow trainees had good results and claimed it was wholesome diet plan that included all types of food so that you felt that you weren’t deprived of anything.

All the trainers really make the effort to push you

The Experience

I chose to go to the early morning mixed session, which was conducted by Emaad and Saad.  First off, the venue of the morning session was not the most impressive,climbing up 4 sets of stairs first thing in the morning, can be quiet daunting. As someone who is new to this form of exercise, I felt really apprehensive at first, but the trainers really put me at ease. Throughout the session they kept a close eye on all the participants, correcting postures, offering advice and showing us easier version of an exercise if we had any trouble. Since this fitness session has not been categorized at levels, I felt that some personalization was important to cater for every person’s physical aptitudes. Fortunately, the early morning session only had a few people and I found it less intimidating.



What Next?

By the end of the session I didn’t want it to end! First of all I had gotten used to a really healthy routine, and secondly I was fitting into my old jeans, which I must say is a great feeling.  So all in all, I was quite bummed that they had two week break before the next session, it had become quite addictive. However in a longer term, if i want to continue with exercise on a regular basis, and not to concentrate on losing inches but in general to maintain a healthy lifestyle, there are a few things I feel that could use with a  change. First of all, although the workout is primarily based on a cardio workout, I feel it would be great to introduce some yoga and zumba classes as a part of the 5 week session. It would add variety to the workout and save people from getting bored of the repetitive nature of the session.




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