Fitlicious: Healthy snacks in Karachi

Healthy eating is becoming easier in Karachi, with delicious salads and fresh sandwiches gradually becoming readily available. But what do you do when the nibbles strike? The yummiest noodle bowl is hardly a solution to that 4 o’clock sugar slump that accompanies your tea. Enter Fitlicious, the brand that runs through Neco’s and Hobnob, and provides bite-size Energy bites, Brittle and Granola made from oats, nuts and seeds keeping not only your health goals but your taste buds in mind as well.

We all know the basics of diet control – eat more protein, add fruits and vegetables to your meals and get a decent dose of carbs and healthy fats. We’ve also heard that it’s better to have up to five small meals during the day to help boost our metabolism. So it’s not a bad idea to have a healthy snack between meals. But while fresh fruit, yoghurt or nuts are all great natural snacks, sometimes you need a snack that satisfies your sweet tooth without undoing all your hard work in the gym. Fitlicious does just that.

Fitlicious Healthy Snacks
Choco-Vanilla Granola with greek yogurt, fruits and drizzled honey. Fitlicious ©

We got a chance to chat with Maham Ahad and Geeti Yousuf, the sister duo behind Fitlicious.

Maham Ahad Fitlicious
Maham heads the marketing of the brand and supplies raw materials from London

The two women decided to start up their line of healthy snacks after realising that there were people in Karachi ready to make the changes needed for a healthy lifestyle. Healthy meal options do exist in the city. But what they felt lacking were snack alternatives that were fresh, natural and wholesome. Especially, since we tend to munch away on chips, fried food and sweets that cause us more harm than good.

Fitlicious Healthy Snacks
Geeti Yousuf manages the production of Fitlicious in Karachi

Maham, who herself is health conscious, explained that since moving to London a few years back and travelling around Europe, she’s come across many nutritious foods that weren’t available in Karachi. After experimenting with a few recipes of oats and granola, Maham wanted people in Karachi to have these alternatives made available to them. And that’s when they began Fitlicious. Maham sends raw materials and supplies from London to her sister Geeti in Karachi who manages the production.

Those who want to avoid processed foods can opt for their best selling Almond Honey Brittle, or the Choco-Vanilla Granola. They also have delicious Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate bars, Oatmeal Raisin bars and granola bites that are refined sugar free. They make for a perfect an on-the-go breakfast or a post-workout snack.

So far the response in Karachi has been overwhelming, says Maham. Fitlicious stocks at Neco’s on Khayban-e-Bukhari and Dolmen Mall Clifton. They’ve also started stocking with Hobnob that has stores all over Karachi.


Full of nut proteins and whole grains that keep you feeling full for longer, these snacks are both convenient and guilt-free. Head on over to Neco’s or Hobnob for some delicious bites of natural goodness from Fitlicious.


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