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Five ways to feel better instantly

Five ways to feel better instantly
Five ways to feel better instantly

One of my favourite fashion blogs GiaSaysThat recently did a great feature on five ways to cheer yourself up if you’re feeling low. While I can relate to the uplifting power of great hair, makeup and clothes, feeling good is more than skin deep. So by all means, do dress up to give yourself a lift but for a more lasting effect, try my five tried-and-tested ways to cheer yourself up!

1. Lolly love

Remember how good a cool ice-lolly feels on a really hot day? Step into your nearest store and load up on lots of ice-lollies – the key here is to have lots, you don’t want to run out. Next head over to a nearby traffic light or anywhere that young urchins tend to congregate. Hand out the lollies and enjoy the glee on their faces.

ice lollies
Nothing like an ice lolly to beat the heat and jump start your day!

(note: I’m not generally a fan of giving money to roadside beggars because I’m a total cynic and think there’s probably a handler nearby who takes the money off the begging children. I prefer to give to outfits I trust like TCF that take the kids off the streets. But lollies on a hot day? Instant feel-good for them and me!)

2. Hug away those blues

Who’s the person you dump on most? We are unfailingly polite to strangers but tend to take our nearest and dearest for granted. Whether it’s your spouse, mum or sibling, show them a little love. Give them a huge hug and say thankyou or I love you. Guaranteed to cheer to you up.

hug away your troubles
Sometimes, all you need is a hug.

3. Dance

Put on your favourite dance track and let loose. Nobody’s watching, you can be as silly as you like. The music will lift you and the activity with get those endorphins flowing –  a double mood-busting whammy!

dance your heart out
Dance like no one’s watching!

4. Smile

Strange as it may seem, smiling has actually been proved to put you in a better mood. So even on those “terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad” days, try keeping a smile on your face.

Smile – it’s the best gift you can give to everyone and yourself

5. Get fancy with your food

Overdosing on comfort food is rarely worth the subsequent guilt trip but food is a great mood changer. Instead of stuffing yourself with doughnuts right out of the box, spoil yourself. Arrange some goodies beautifully on your best china. Take the time to make yourself a tall iced-tea or make yourself some fancy sandwiches or an icecream sundae. Make it look as pretty as possible and choose a great spot to sit and eat it – on a terrace or in your garden. Savor the moment – this isn’t about calorie overload, it’s about enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

dessert indulge
Indulge in your favourite pick-me-up food


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