Foodpanda is a Pakistani foodie’s road to self-indulgence

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Order online from Pakistan's best restaurants with
You can order food online from over 750 restaurants using

I just love the convenience of ordering things online. Pakistan is a little behind the times when it comes to ecommerce but all that is changing. Not every business is geared to managing online orders, which is why it’s great when service providers like Foodpanda set up shop here in Pakistan. 

Foodpanda Pakistan
Foodpanda is popular worldwide is a food ordering service that lets you order from over 700 restaurants in Pakistan. It’s an egalitarian outfit that delivers from all sorts of outlets – you can order from restaurants as diverse as Biryani Centre, Waheed Kebab House, KFC and Café Flo.

Foodpanda makes it super simple. All the menus are online and you just click on the items you want and proceed to checkout. I actually like the ease of tapping in my order – ordering by telephone here can be a hit and miss affair.

Checkout is easy too – quite a few restaurants accept online Visa payments but all accept cash on delivery. Unless you’re paying by card, the only thing you have to plug in is your address and that’s it. You can create an account after you first order so you don’t even have to type in your details every time. They even have a app, which you can download from iTunes or Google Play, which makes the process even easier.
The only caveat is that delivery times range from between 40 minutes and 1 and a half hours. Food can arrive quicker but it can even be slower. This usually happens at peak times and especially when Foodpanda has one of its famous deals going on. 
Order online from Pakistan's best restaurants with
Foodpanda regularly hosts great deals

So far Karachi has been treated to some brilliant deals – with as much as 50% off at places like Hoagies and Dominos. The trouble is that deals tend to be massively oversubscribed and restaurants frequently cannot cope with the scale of orders that a Foodpanda deal rakes in. If you order early on during a deal you should be fine but leave it too late and you could face delays and mixups. When there’s no special deal clogging up the system, it all works pretty smoothly. 

Many restaurants offer free delivery a fair number charge around Rs 100 for delivery. Some do allow pickup, which can actually cut down on wait time. Almost all have a minimum spend which can range from a few hundreds to Rs1,500. Packaging also varies widely as it’s the restaurant itself that does the packing.
Order online from Pakistan's best restaurants with
One of Foodpanda’s previous deals
Despite these minor caveats, Foodpanda is one of the food ordering services that Pakistan has embraced wholeheartedly. The process is so hassle free and handy. Perfect for when you’re too tired to cook or are craving Nihari or Profiteroles or Vietnamese Steamed Rice Wrapper Rolls. 
I tried Foodpanda by ordering my fave Beef Carpaccio and NY cheesecake from Café Flo. The delivery time was 1hr but the order arrived within 45 minutes – possibly because neither item involved any cooking as such. Both were fresh and delicious – just what you’d expect from Flo.
Order online from Pakistan's best restaurants with
Foodpanda, popular in many countries, is now in Pakistan

As a foodie, it’s great to have such a huge range of cuisines at your fingertips. Of course, many things are best eaten at the venue, straight from the chefs hands so-to-speak. However, if you’re going to order takeout, nothing beats the convenience and variety offered by a service like Foodpanda. 


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Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta
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