Gift Guide To The Rescue This Shadi Season

Shadi season is already stressful enough – the clothes shopping, the hair and makeup sorting, making each ensemble different from the other, having to juggle recycling pieces at the same time. On top of all that, thinking about gift shopping just adds to the exhaustion. To help you cut down your workload, we’ve put together gifts that are ideal for the newly-weds – trust us, it’ll save you a lot of thinking.

A framed sketch

Sketches are always much more personal than regular photographs, including polaroids. Pick a picture of the happy couple, be it from one of the previous shadi events or from their time together in college (if they’re high school sweethearts)  and unleash the inner artist in you, you’ll be remembered for this gift long after the wedding. Or if art is not your forte, have the sketch professionally crafted by an artist. Where do you find an artist? A surefire way is by walking into either PC or Movenpick Hotel – their easels are hard to miss in the lobby. Stick the sketch in a frame and viola!

Boutique flower arrangements

Although red roses are traditional, you can also opt for whitish-pink ones which exude elegance or maybe even black ones, if you’re after that grungy vibe
Nothing quite screams shadi season gifts like a box of luxury roses. 1930 Floristry have got you covered. With luxurious rose boxes ranging from 3000 all the way to the elaborate arrangements which’ll dent your wallet by at least PKR 20,000. Your box of roses is customisable, according to the colour and the box size you prefer, so the price will vary. Make sure you check how busy they are and when they can get your order delivered to you by. The last thing you’d wanna do is have a gorgeous flower arrangement arrive at your doorstep the day after the wedding.
You don’t necessarily have to give roses – pick and choose the flowers you’d like to incorporate – the sky is the limit, really


You can go down the classical, traditional route by gifting gold – ideally, a gold coin(s) – which the bride can then get moulded and worked into any custom design she wants (and we think it works better this way because she gets what she wants.

You can gift a gold chain too, that way, the bride can decorate it with a pendant of her choice or wear it as is

If gold isn’t the route you wanna go down, either because it’s too expensive and you don’t wanna dish that kinda money or because the bride would be more interested in modern contemporary jewellery, there are an array of options you can look at.

Esfir’s merman earrings are everything but mundane  – your gift is bound to not only be unique but also a hit with the bride (we’re sure she has a lot of options from which she’s narrowed them down)

You can opt for gifting a Pandora’s bracelet along with a charm or two to start her off with. The idea behind these bracelets is that each charm holds (or is supposed to – if you like a cute one just because it’s cute, go ahead and pick it up) significance. Lay the foundation of a life full of memories for the couple.

The sophisticated cousin of a (sometimes) tacky charm bracelet – trinket jewellery has evolved

Couples cooking classes

Help the couples attempt to navigate their way around the kitchen with this gift. Although there are cooking classes scattered all over Karachi, the ones given by Pinch & Co. are one of our favourites. Get in touch with them on their Facebook page ( and arrange for bookings. Tip: you can always leave the dates up to the couple to decide – they’ll see what suits them and decide accordingly. It’s the thought (or in this, you paying for their cooking classes) that counts.

Pinch & Co.’s fab team that’ll take care of teaching the couple a thing or two about how to work their way around a kitchen


If you’re planning to go down the boujee route then an ornate, crystal piece to go bang! in the middle of the couple’s drawing room is an ideal way forward. Crystal pieces are timeless and get appreciation from left, right and centre.

Luxurious crystal work bordering an oval mirror tray

If crystals aren’t within the budget, opt for pieces that are traditional to Pakistan and exude the ever-brilliant Pakistani craftsmanship – blue pottery is an amazing example – doesn’t break the bank but looks gorgeous and ever so unique.

Everything from plates to vases to trays: the variety is endless

You can’t go wrong with gifting elaborate bed linen when catering it toward a newly wed couple. Sapphire has a huge range of bed linen especially catered towards the more “glamorous” wants (more like expectations and standards that society has set) of a newly wed couple.

TIP: whatever you choose to give, the more customisable the gift, the better because then you KNOW for sure that the receiver can turn it into something that they want or need in their lives.

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