Give your home a style makeover with the Lifewares catalogue

Giving your home a makeover can be a daunting task but now you don’t need an expensive interior designer to give your home a touch of style. Lifewares by Interwood has made chic home makeovers super easy with a innovative new catalog – you could call it a Lifestyle Dictionary.

The new Lifewares catalog can give your home that designer feel

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Some of you may know Interwood best for their gorgeous state-of-the-art kitchens, but their furniture and home decor segment, Lifewares,  is equally covetable. Lifewares has everything to make your home stand out, including Home Furniture, Accessories, Laminate Flooring and Kid’s Furniture. Their elegant, contemporary ethos is stylish and versatile.

The new Lifewares catalog takes the effort out of revamping your home decor. There are dozens of design ideas in a massive range of colour combinations and styles and the various collections are easy to mix and match, allowing you to customize a look that is perfect for your own taste.

Dine in style

The Lifewares Catalogue has a detailed description of all products in the Lifewares range, accompanied by visuals, prices & dimensions. With this catalogue, you can browse through various design ideas and pick chic, practical solutions for the most important rooms in your house. Whether your looking to re-do your bedroom or study or dining room or lounge, there are so many options and ideas – covering everything from furniture to luxe finishing touches. Lifewares is also one of the few brands to make quality kids room sets – with different designs appropriate for all ages, from babies and toddlers to teenagers. They even have some great ideas for the garden.

How beautiful is this bedroom set – opulent yet modern

With so many styling ideas, the Lifewares catalogue helps you imagine the perfect setting you can create in your home, with plenty of inspiration on the theme and how to style your space. The Mood Boards in the catalog are particularly brilliant, giving a host of ideas that you can adapt to your own taste. Each product is well described and all prices are clearly stated, giving you a cohesive idea of what your outlay would be.

Luxe little touches from Lifewares

But practical considerations aside, what makes the ‘Lifestyle Dictionary’ so great is all the home decor inspo in there – from painting smaller rooms in soft light colours for the illusion of space to how to use bright colours in small spaces. It not only advises multi-purpose furniture for small spaces, it gives your ready-to-buy options to bring your ideas to fruition. From the use of plants to add warmth to a living space to ideas on how to mix textures and patterns, the catalog is a masterclass in interior design. Customising your living spaces to reflect you own personality has never been easier and this is a brilliant time to do so with the Lifewares Ramadan deals.

Take advantage of Ramadan discounts to revamp your living space

The Ramadan packages include:

  1. Dining Packages starting at Rs. 29,000/- (With each package you get a FREE Table Mat and Runner of your choice.)
  2. Sofa Packages starting at Rs. 96,500/- (This includes 1 Centre Table and 1 Side Table along with FREE Accessories.
  3. Bed Packages starting from Rs. 167,000 (With FREE laminate flooring of your choice for your room

Check out this link of actress Sarwat Gillani showing how she used the Lifewares catalog to redesign her dining area, making the most of a small dining area and creating a warm, attractive space to welcome friends and family when entertaining.



Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta
Salima Feerasta is chief editor of and one of Pakistan's top fashion and lifestyle journalists.

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