Granola goodness – we test the best granola in Karachi

Battling the winter bulge after too much socialising? Crash diets are never the answer but a shift towards better nutrition and exercise is sure to give you a boost. If you’re trying to eat clean this spring, granola is a great way to introduce wholesome foods to your diet. Granola doesn’t have to be the ‘candy masquerading as a health food’ boxed type you find in supermarkets. Packed with nutrients and flavour, granola is awesome paired up with yoghurt and fruits, or even as a snack during the day in the form of granola bars. I mean seriously how many egg-white omelettes can you have in a week?  Karachi is home to many homegrown chefs, who offer us some great options in the form of granola. These ‘Granola Chefs’ are super-passionate about healthy, clean, and preservative-free food shunning the unhealthy AND expensive boxed variety available in stores.

Lady Marmalade

 Lady marmalade does some great granola; not only is it really fresh but the combinations and flavours are exceptional. The fruit and nut is absolutely delicious and is a  medley of dried fruit, with just the right dash of maple syrup. The nuts have been cut in a way that they are intricately woven with the oats without it being irritating in any way.  If you like that extra kick of coffee especially in the morning, then the mocha java latte crunch is divine. It has a subtle coffee crunchthat doesn’t overpower the taste of the granola. The Nutella chocolate crunch is also really good and is just the right replacement to the packaged cereals that kids are ferociously attracted to.  There is also the sugar free crunch, which is perfect for those that want to be careful about their sugar intake.

So many flavours of granola, all fresh and delicious


Cravings by Erum Bhura

 Erum Bhura is out there to really take care of those dangerous cravings you have during the day. She has the perfect dose for those moments of weakness that we all have. Her granola is deliciously healthy, it is crunchy and clumpy with toasted almonds, walnuts, as well a sprinkle of black raisins and cranberries. The dried fruits compensate for the sugar dose that you might be missing out, giving you a slightly healthier sweet hit. Erum also does some great chunky and creamy peanut butter, which contains no sugar or oil. Pair it up with some toasted brown bread, and it tastes great and keeps you filled you up for quite some time. She also has some yummy low calorie snacks, like her granola bars, Rocky Road Bar (can you believe they are only 130 calories each) gram flour chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal cupcakes.

No Whey Yoghurt by Zoya Kidwai

 No Whey Yoghurt provides a delicious option of fresh granola as well as Swiss-inspired Birscher Museli. Birscher Museli, is a great way to get that energy boost at the start of your day, made from soaking oats overnight in low fat milk, greek yoghurt, and fresh seasonal fruits. Not only is it full of nutrition, flavor and energy, it is completely sugar-free, with only raisins and apples to add in a kick of sweetness.  Disappointed in the quality of yoghurt available in shops in Karachi, which were full of sugar, preservatives and colourings,  Zoya started off by making her signature product of Greek yoghurt. The Greek yoghurt is available plain or paired up with fresh fruit compote, but my personal favorite is the plain one in the form of a dip.  Dig into it  with some crackers, pita chips or chunky vegetables makes it a great appetizer or snack. The granola made by Zoya, is delicious and and perfectly pairs up with her yoghurt, and most of the ingredients,  grains, vanilla essence, nuts etc are sourced from Switzerland. Zoya is passionate about food, and that’s why she has kept her prices more affordable than the packaged versions in store. The granola is available in a traditional blend, chocolate and cranberry, vanilla and almond granola. Most of all, her products are guilt-free and she encourages people to eat smart – and of course healthy doesn’t have to mean not delicious.


The best thing about this brand is the accessibility of the product. Whereas the other granola’s we mentioned in the post are available for pick-up or delivery from the homes of the chef’s, Fitilicious is stocked widely throughout Karachi. So if you’re out for your morning shopping, it is very easy and convenient to grab a bag for yourself.  Fitilicious categorically uses rolled oats, which turn on to be crispier when baked, adding in that extra crunch to the granola. All of their products are sourced from abroad, and they do not use any form of refined sugar in their products. They pride themselves for giving Karachi-ites a healthier option, which only contains honey and maple syrup.  Their flavours are very exotic, offering cranberry pistachio, choco-vanilla, cinnamon pecan,  and cocoa maple flavours in their granola variety.  Fititilicious also has a line of energy bars, which includes the Chia Flax Almond Brittle, Quinoa Sesame Brittle and a Peanut Butter Bar, which all taste delicious and are great concution of honey, nuts and superfoods.

Fitlicious does a great range of granola as well as energy bars

  Nora’s got sweet tooth – Bisma Shahid Loan

 Nora’s got Sweet Tooth has a plethora of products aimed at healthy eating. Apart from granola and birscher museli, there are energy balls, super-man slices, and vegan caramel bars amongst many other products. Most of the raw material is sourced from abroad, and Bisma does not compromise on the quality of the product. Healthy food is a passion for her, and apart from her signature products, she is always innovating and bringing out new products. Recently she has introduced Goji berries as an add-on to her granola range – they are hailed as the new ‘super food’ and claim lots of medicinal benefits. They are like raisins, and can be consumed on their own or mixed in with granola. Bisma has introduced lots of sugar free and gluten-free options, and is passionate about catering for each clients specific needs.  Her products are available for pick-up or delivery, as well as at Agha’s and Springs Supermarkets in Karachi.


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