A Grooms Guide to Looking His Best on HIS Big Day

While a bride will always be the focus at a wedding, there are two main players on the stage. For all you grooms-to-be out there, Team Karachista brings you the Pakistani Grooms on how to Look His Best on HIS Big Day.

While ‘Desi’ societies are generally known for being Male-centric and chauvinistic, it is definitely not true when it comes to the Desi Wedding. Shaadis are extremely Bride-orientated and most of the time the poor groom is just  treated as an add-on to the bridal panorama.  Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life , and in 2017 let’s try and take the Groom beyond just matching his tie to his Bride’s clothes.

  1. Get Fit and Work out

Several gyms and fitness camps have introduced ‘bridal bootcamps’, and astonishingly there is nothing specific for the groom!  BUT there are still tons of gyms, bootcamp sessions, private trainers and fitness regimes around in Karachi to get the Groom in shape for the big day.  Do remember that the pictures from you wedding will be lifelong memories, and so you do want to look your best in time for D-Day.

A suit will always look better on a sculpted and lean body

            2. Eat right

While eating well is a part of the fitness regime, it also keeps you fresh, rejuvenated and energetic. The build-up to a big fat desi wedding is no easy feat. The Bride and Groom have so many things to organize, prepare and coordinate; it’s quite easy to fall into bad eating habits.  Not only will they build up weight but also make you lethargic and cranky – so lay off the sodas and chips!

Although daunting at first, healthy eating is very important for the groom!
  1. Take care of your Skin & Explore Man-Makeup

Skin is obviously a big part of your look, and it can also be the most difficult to control. That’s why it is important for the groom to upgrade his skin-care game before the wedding day. Ideally, it’s important to start a grooming routine several months before you walk down the aisle – yep soap and water won’t cut it. Invest in a good facewash and a moisturiser with a good SPF. And of course, there are several facial treatments and massages available as well to give your skin that extra glow. For the big day, why not explore some ‘Man Makeup’, with a subtle base to even up your skin tone. I kid you not – guys have woken up to the fact that a subtle base works wonders during the inevitable photoshoot and under stage lights. Salons like Toni & Guy offer special packages for grooms, including hairstyling, grooming and a subtle base. Who said makeup is just for women?

A little bit of make up can give a polished look to your wedding pics
  1. Have your Beard game on point

The beard is a big part of your look, and can make an impact on your entire image (can’t help but think about Fawad Khan, sigh). Get ready to plan out what kind of look will go with your clothes and the theme of the function.

The right kind of beard can make a groom look oh so dreamy!
  1. Professional Haircut

While a wild new cut or colour aren’t the best options for the big day, a good cleanup of an existing cut is essential to add a dose of polish to a groom’s look. Just don’t do it the day before the wedding, as you want to make sure you’re comfortable with the cut and how to style it.  A week before the big day, is probably the best time to get your haircut.

Please don’t experiment with a new barber for your wedding day haircut!
  1. ‘Man’ icure, Pedicure

A lot of people will be focusing on your hands when you slip that ring on her finger – and the moment will definitely be captured for posterity by the photographer/videographer. Plus you’ll be shaking a lot of hands on your big day and your feet may even come into the picture if you’re not wearing socks during the joota chupayi. You really don’t want to be the groom with rough cuticles and dirt under his nails. The simple solution to that of course is a manicure and pedicure, and why not indulge in a massage while you’re at it?

Neat and Clean hands will be a noticed when your other half slips on the ring
  1. Right Outfit: Sherwani and Suit?

Buying the right outfit, whether it’s a sherwani or a suit is probably one of the biggest and most difficult decisions that the groom has to make. Back in the day, people stuck to simple traditional cuts and colours but things are quite different in the new millennium.  Men’s sherwani collections come in a variety of colours, cuts, styles, and embellishments and with so many events in a typical Pakistani wedding, you have the option to wear a host of styles, both western and eastern .  Every person’s style and taste is different and you want to make sure you resonate yours on your wedding day.  Design Houses offering Men’s designer wedding wear include Ismail Farid, HSY, Deepak Perwani, Amir Adnan, Fahad Husayn, Elan, Sania Maskatiya and Sana Safinaz among others. Lots of women’s designers are offering a ‘HIS’ and ‘HERs’ package where they coordinate the outfits of the bride and groom.  Make sure you do your research and order well in time, as you don’t want to be scavenging around at the last minute. Buying a suit can also be tricky business, and the groom needs to ask himself the question of whether he wants to buy ready-made or a bespoke tailored piece. Either way fit is everything so even if you go for a ready-made option, make sure you have it altered to fit you perfectly.

Zara Shahjahan Wedding Menswear from PLBW 2014
Umar Sayeed Wedding Wear
  1. Get the right socks

Most desi weddings involve the bride and groom sitting interminably on a stage in front of hundreds of people. Although you might feel that people may not look at each and every detail, believe me every size of a human will be looking at you with extreme scrutiny. It may not be a critical eye, but the wrong pair of socks is not something that you will be able to live down. Choosing the right socks might sound like such a mediocre thing to worry about, but nothing looks worse then stripey colourful socks peaking out from the groom’s ankles. All the hard work behind your sherwani, hair, skin and body are all gone to waste if all people remember from your wedding are your hideous socks.

Maybe not exactly the right way to express your love?

9. Choose your Entrance Style

The way you enter with your baraat is a memorable moment, so make sure you have it thought out. One can choose a ‘traditional baraati’ method entering in a horse, or rent a sleek and snazzy car, or even just go for a simple and graceful entrance with your loved ones by your side. Whatever you choose is a personal choice but just make sure you that it everything gels together. Can you imagine the eyesore if the dashing groom in a tux arrives in a rickshaw ? Go for a rickshaw by all means but wear a rocking shalwar kurta instead

Choose your style of entrance

10. Don’t forget your crew

A Desi wedding isn’t a desi wedding until you add in the ‘Rasams’. Whether it’s ‘doodh pilayi’ or ‘jhoota chupayi’ or the grooms sisters blocking the door, this is the time when you need your boys crew at your side. Now that doesn’t mean that they just stand pretty –  they need to be alert  and keep an eye on what the bridesmaids are up to. They should be guarding your shoes when it comes to the wedding day, or just helping you with negotiating the least amount of money when it comes paying out! Not only that, they can help the wedding go smoothly in a dozen different ways. There’s nothing a mother of the groom needs more than a team of helpful groomsmen to send on all sorts of errands!

Have your boys on your side !



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